Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jonah is 7 months old!

Our wee little one (actually not so much anymore) turned 7 months old on Feb. 21st (President's Day)! He is getting too big, too fast for our taste, but we love watching him grow. We go for his 6 month well check-up this coming Monday. So I will have more accurate stats then. Here is what our little man has been up to this past month.


Cue the angels singing......Jonah sleeps through the night.....MOST of the time! He will still have his nights where he just wakes up for no reason or wants to eat a little around 2:00. But he usually goes right on back to sleep. He is averaging about 10 - 11 hours a night. He has also started setting his own bedtime at around 8:00. I think this boy is finally getting on a schedule! :)


Jonah still LOVES his fruits the best! He also enjoys sweet potatoes and carrots by themself. We usually have to mix the green beans, peas and squash with a little fruit for him to eat them good. He is now up to eating a whole jar of veggies and 1/2 jar of fruit at lunch time. He eats his cereal good in the morning and evening. We have started trying the different "meals" they have at supper time. So far he is not a fan of the chicken ones but loves the turkey one (probably because it has sweet taters in it). I am trying to not get to crazy with the food yet and let him get used to what we have for now. I am actually pretty clueless with what the next step is. I will be talking to Dr. about what should be next for him. He still takes 5 oz. of formula at a time in his bottles.


He still loves to bounce in our laps or in his jumperoos. He will just wear himself out bouncing! Now that he is bigger, he loves for Daddy to toss him (slightly) in the air! Daddy is pretty happy that he gets to do this now! He can sit up ALL BY HIMSELF now! He loves it and we love it too. We sit him in the middle of our bed when we're changing and he just loves watching what we do. He still only rolls over onto his belly from his back (one-way) and cannot figure out how to get off his belly. It frustrates him and us because he really needs to learn to do that soon for crawling purposes. But we just keep working with him and I know one day it will just "click" like the rolling over from the back did. He is getting very coordinated with his hands too. He transfers objects from one to the other very well and he knows just how to grab something to pick it up. One thing is for sure....if he is awake....he is moving some part of his body!!!


Jonah still loves to be vocal to us. He is especially talkative with Daddy, Nana, Papaw and I. He also enjoys performing during Church service....much to our dismay! But at least he isn't crying. :) He has began the stranger anxiety stage and doesn't go to people as easily as he did when he was smaller. He has to warm up to people before he will go to them and not get that worried, about to cry look. Then he starts trying to find someone he recognizes to rescue him. I think he will grow out of it though. He loves to giggle with Daddy and grunt like a "macho" man with him too. I will have to post some video of this soon because my descriptions cannot do it justice. He is a HAM!

Here are pics for this month!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011