Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I don't have anything prepared enough for a whole post but wanted to pop in. So I figure I will give the "currently" trend a try.


WATCHING: My kids grow at warp speed!! I really have little time to watch TV unless you count Mickey Mouse Club House as TV. LOL! Haley is already into 3-6 month clothes and cackling, smiling, and reaching for things above her. Jonah is doing what all 3 years old do best....driving their parents cuckoo!

READING: No books for this gal right now. I am mostly keeping up with my favorite blogs and reading my favorite magazines.

LISTENING: Christmas music!! I love Francesca Batistelli, Dave Barnes, Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Lady Antebellum and of course lots of the classics.

MAKING: Christmas budgets, Christmas gift lists, grocery lists, cleaning lists....and the list goes on. LOL

FEELING: Nostalgic in thinking back on past Christmases and those when I lived at home. I wish I could bottle up the excitement that I used to feel at this time of the year. Not a care in the world but when Christmas would get here. I just want so bad for my own children to have the magical Christmases that I remember growing up.

PLANNING: Michael and I are going to have Saturday all to ourselves (thanks to Nana & Papaw) to get the bulk of our Christmas shopping done. I am looking forward to conquering the stores and hopefully getting some adult conversation time with the hubs.

LOVING: I know this will sound cliche...but right now I am just loving life. Loving that I am healthy and that all of my family is here with me. I learned of a young father (he was actually a month older than me) that lost his life last week very unexpectedly and left behind two small children. I did not know him but I followed his wife's blog and so I feel like I knew him. I am just so glad I have my family to wrap my arms around.

What are you currently loving?

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Hutch

Hello! I have to admit I am little shocked that I have enough items to pull off a Thanksgiving decorated hutch. This is a first for me to even decorate for this holiday since we don't have a formal dining room. I have to say I'm loving it! I only bought a couple of extra pieces for this and then used what I already had or made for my Fall hutch. It literally took me like 15 minutes.

 Nice and simple banner with a great reminder.

I am in love with these owl plates!!

I have another little table behind our couch that I decorated up with items that wouldn't fit in the hutch. The plate is from Cracker Barrel from a couple of years ago and the floral arrangement I made years ago. The runner is from Big Lots a couple of years ago too.

Give Thanks free printable banner from HERE

Owl plates from Kroger

Chevron canvas made by myself

Glass cylinders and acorns and pine cones from the Dollar General Store

Green frames from Goodwill

Bless and Grace quotes on stands from Cracker Barrel several years ago.

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

Domestic Superhero

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Haley is 3 Months Old!

Our precious angel-baby is already 3 months into this world! Michael has taken to calling her "angel-baby" because she is just that! Our sweet, sweet angel. He has always called Jonah his "baby-man" so it's only fitting she gets her own name too. :)

Haley has changed so much from last month to this one. I think she has finally "aligned with the universe" to steal the words of our pediatrician. Here is her monthly pic and updates.


Haley is now sleeping through the night!!! But I feel I should disclaimer that she is sleeping in he swing. It's a cradle type swing so she is laid back but still inclined. She can't fall over or out though. But she has been sleeping consistently from 9:00 - 9:30 p.m. to 5:00-6:00 a.m. So we will take it for now. Michael is all concerned about the swing but I am not. I know she will eventually give up that swing as she gets bigger and can roll over. I am in no rush!! I know the second time around that nothing lasts forever and they will only be this little once. We will cross getting her out of the swing when the time comes. :) She is also taking about 4 naps a day. Usually two long ones (2 hours) and a couple of shorter ones such as her late evening one.


Haley is up to 5 ounce bottles for the most part. She has her days where it takes her an hour to take the whole bottle and some days she only takes 4 at most feedings and then will take her 5 ounce bottle before bed. She can still be a stinker sometimes to get her to finish up bottles after her first burping. She just loses interest or gets distracted, I guess.


Haley is busy girl when she is awake. She is still so content though and just happy to be wherever she ends up being laid or sat. She has been doing lots of kicking and cooing and trying to talk. She loves for someone to talk to her and just grins. It's the sweetest thing!! She has found both of her hands and loves to give them some good licks and munch on them. She follows us around the room with her eyes and turns to look when she hears familiar voices such as her brother's voice. Haley loves the TV too. We can sit her where she can see it and she will just lay there and stare for up to 20 minutes. She must love the colors and movement because I know she can't really see it yet.


Haley is just such a content baby for the most part. She lets us know when she is tired and seems to choose sleep over food most of the time. She is addicted to the swing like I mentioned above and if nothing else will calm her then the swing will. She is a very smiley girl and has the cutest little grunts and noises that she makes. She loves to be on our shoulder so she can look around. I think she is going to be my baby that gets into stuff once she can move around.

I have just been soaking up every bit of Haley's baby-ness! I had really forgotten how much I missed having a little armful of baby to carry around. Oh and they smell so good!!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Hoop-la!

We had a fun Halloween! Our festivities started last weekend with trick-or-treating at Piney Campground. Grandma and Poppa were camping down there and they have an annual costume contest and then different campsites will pass out candy for the kids. It's fun because you can just walk around the campground and visit each site. Jonah had a big time this year and Daddy even dressed up to match him. :)

Getting started at Grandma & Poppa's site.

They had their motor home all decorated and it was so cute!

Family pic minus Haley. She slept the whole time (once she finally went to sleep) in the camper. We had the video monitor and her bouncy seat with us. She slept the whole time we trick-or-treated so we didn't get to dress her up in her costume. I am sure she was devastated. LOL

Haley & Jonah with G-ma and Poppa.

Hitting the campsites up.

Uncle Jeff handing out candy.

The next day we did Trunk-or-Treat with our church. We had a small group of cars this year but lots of goodies!

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