Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Hoop-la!

We had a fun Halloween! Our festivities started last weekend with trick-or-treating at Piney Campground. Grandma and Poppa were camping down there and they have an annual costume contest and then different campsites will pass out candy for the kids. It's fun because you can just walk around the campground and visit each site. Jonah had a big time this year and Daddy even dressed up to match him. :)

Getting started at Grandma & Poppa's site.

They had their motor home all decorated and it was so cute!

Family pic minus Haley. She slept the whole time (once she finally went to sleep) in the camper. We had the video monitor and her bouncy seat with us. She slept the whole time we trick-or-treated so we didn't get to dress her up in her costume. I am sure she was devastated. LOL

Haley & Jonah with G-ma and Poppa.

Hitting the campsites up.

Uncle Jeff handing out candy.

The next day we did Trunk-or-Treat with our church. We had a small group of cars this year but lots of goodies!

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  1. Love all the costume pics! I seriously think Trunk or Treat was one of the best creations ever! :)


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