Monday, April 28, 2014

Just the Two of Us

A couple of weekends ago, Michael and I had the chance to get away, just the two of us. Back at Christmas my parents gifted us a one-night stay at Maple Hill Bed & Breakfast in Eddyville, KY, on the banks of Lake Barkley. We decided to go right after my birthday earlier this month.

We had a wonderful and relaxing stay and got to spend all day Saturday running around town and getting Easter goodies and then we drove to Eddyville. It was a beautiful day and we were not rushed. We got to chat and just enjoy each others company.

Saturday evening we had reservations at Patti's 1880 Settlement. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in which the food was delicious, the service and atmosphere was outstanding and no one was crying or needing to be told to eat.

Here are some pictures from our quick getaway. It was my first night to stay away from Haley. I did worry a little about how their night would go but I was relieved to hear that she slept the whole night in the crib and Nana and Papaw's house and Jonah slept good too.

The view from one of the windows in our room.

The comfy king size bed in our room with spa sheets.

Sitting area in front of the TV in our room. All the rooms have wonderful antiques.

The original fireplace with electric insert.

Complimentary cupcake!

The view from the front porch of the home.

The home is immaculately landscaped. The inn-keeper's husband runs a landscaping business so it's always so beautifully kept outside.

The inviting front porch with rocking chairs. I would love a porch like this one day!

Heading to eat at Patti's. I love going here and it's always a special treat. The food is wonderful and their signature is 2 inch pork chops. I didn't get that this time but it's a classic if you go.

Another thing I love about Patti's is it's in a genuine old home or storefront and a lot of the original details have been kept and they decorate and go all out for each season. Of course this was before Easter so everything was Spring or Easter themed. Each room is different themes and color schemes.

We had our waitress snap our picture. It was really dark in our room so we had to use the flash. :( Notice the flower pot in front of us....that is what they bake and serve their bread in. So neat and so yummy with their strawberry butter.

The main foyer was decorated and this is a blurry pictures but it was so cute!

This was taken in front of the old mill water wheel. Behind the restaurant are all kinds of neat little shops and and old timey photo booth and some put put golf. You can even get married there in a little chapel. It's so cute!

The next morning we were served breakfast in the dinning room. We had Belgian waffles with fruit and a slice if KY legend ham. We also had a fruit and yogurt cup and fresh orange juice, coffee or tea. It was delicious and decadent!

Like I said, the home is full of unique and true antiques and it's so fun to feel like you've stepped back in time a little bit. It really makes you want to slow down and take your time.

Last but not least a shot of the house from the front. It's a beautiful place and so glad we got to enjoy it if only for a little while. Can't wait to go back in June for our 10 year anniversary!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter

We had a wonderful Easter celebration and the weather could not have been more beautiful!

The Wednesday before Easter, we had an egg hunt at our church. We had a meal and hunt and the kids had a great time and there were plenty of eggs to fill up everyone's baskets. Jonah found the golden egg in his age group but I think it was just because of his Daddy's help. Haha!

Most of the church kids at the egg hunt.

3 year olds are hard to get still and smiling at the same time. LOL

On the hunt. I am not sure if Jonah had an unfair advantage with Daddy holding the egg bucket. 

So many eggs and only 2 hands!

Love Jonah's expression here...fatigue was taking over. I also love Daddy's hat. 

This is Jonah's standard "cheese" face....when do they outgrow this? 

Meanwhile this little ham loves the camera. I'll take it where I can get it.

Haley is up and ready for Easter morning goodies!

Jonah's Easter goodies. We tried to keep it toned down since they get so much everywhere they go.

Haley got a much-needed sun hat, taggy blanket and giraffe teether. 

Jonah digging in...goes right for the book...that's my boy!

My babies all dressed up for Easter!
 Sidenote: I couldn't help but enjoy all the Easter family pictures and pictures of kids all dressed up for Sunday morning church that my friends posted on Facebook. For one, I know how much time, money and near insanity went into those polished and posed pictures. Secondly, it's so great to see families heading out to church. I hope it continues in the following weeks. I am a firm believer that children need to be in Sunday school to learn about God and get the basics down.

And last but not least....a decent family picture! (Taken on my Granny's front porch)

I hope you and yours had a fabulous Easter too and were able to reflect on the reason that we celebrate this holiday and the freedoms we enjoy to be able to do so. Blessings!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Haley is 8 Months Old! {4.5.2014}

I really was hoping Haley would just stay 7 months old! LOL! I need to get a grip because it's crazy that she is closer to being 1 than being zero. Haha! In a few short months we will be lighting a single candle and watching her dive in. Anywho, here's what she has been up to this past month. It's been a doozey!!

Milestones this month and stats:
-Haley is a little over 15 lbs (per Dr. scale...more about that below)
-Has 4 teeth now! (2 bottom and 2 top)
-Out of 6 month clothes and into more 6-9 month clothes but full 9 month ones are still big
-Still in size 2 diaper
-Eating 5 5ounces bottles a day
-Loves sweet potatoes, pears, peaches and sometimes carrots. She is not digging much food. :(
-Is sitting up perfect and will reach as far as she can for toys
-Had her first cold and ear infections and sick Dr. visit


Due to Haley's cold and not being able to breath well she has not been as good of a sleeper but you can't blame her. I had forgotten how a little cold could totally screw up their sleep routines. Naps got off and feedings got off and so of course her night sleep got off. She still wanted to be asleep but just couldn't sleep well from either not being able to breath out of her nose for a few days or just feeling bad in general. Propping her crib mattress up a little and using a cool mist humidifier helped a lot. When she started running a low grade fever after I thought she was getting better, I decided to take her to the Dr. Thankfully her lungs sounded fine but she had double ear infections.  Yuck! So she has been on meds for that I think she is starting to feel better the last couple days and finally start eating more normal. I was so thankful none of us were sick this whole winter but spring has sprung and we all had the same cold, just hate that her's turned into ear infections.


Haley has not wanted to eat much baby food since she got sick so we are kind of starting over again with all that. She seems to be pretty picky about food but I hope she will grow out of it as she can eat more table food. I kind of would love to just skip the baby food all together. LOL!


Haley loves to play on her mats and will just hop from one toy to next, usually just chewing on them and throwing them down for the next one. She has not tried to crawl at all yet. She also still loves the TV and will watch any cartoon that is on. Sometimes it's handy when I need to drop her and run to another room to get something but I know it's not a great habit for her to watch much TV.


On the days that Haley was the most sick or not feeling well she was not very content but it was such a change to her normal contented self. So now we know how to tell when she is not feeling well. She is still such a happy and content baby for the most part. Loves to be talked to and loves to flash her little grin. She is getting leery of strangers now but recognizes most of us that she sees regularly. Haley has also started letting us know when she is ready to be picked up. She will hold her little arms up just a little and drop anything she has in her hands and just watch to see if you will come get her. She also started reaching for me when someone else is holding her. Melt my heart!! I think this prissy pants is going to be a Mommy's girl through and through. :)

Thankful for another mostly healthy month with our precious prissy pants!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday: Colds, Moods & My Birthday!

Well it's been a riveting week over here...NOT! Truth be told I am so glad to see this week come to an end and I hate to be that way. Basically the standard Spring cold has run it's course through our home going on 3 weeks now. I had it, then Michael, then Jonah (then he coughed in Haley's face before I could stop him) and this week Haley has had it.

1. Haley had her first cold/sickness. So at almost 8 months old Haley was sick for the first time of her life and lo I had forgotten how much a baby's daytime and nighttime schedule gets off. Well she couldn't breath well so that was the main issue for the night. In case I need to jog my brain again here is what you do for an infant with a cold.

-suction only twice a day (per the nurse).
-saline drops every 2 hours during the day (3 drops each nostril).
-elevate mattress on one end
-run cool mist humidifier at night to help with breathing. We bought this one and it's awesome!!
-keep a check on any rattling in chest and how the mucus is looking
-keep a check on fever....luckily H never had but a fever of 99
-oh and get prepared for less eating, grumpiness, waking more at night, etc.

Thankfully her appetite is somewhat back and she is on the mend besides coughing during the day.

2. Less sleep for me evidently = mood swings all around! I am sure it was mostly because I hadn't got much sleep this week but my have I been having ALL THE EMOTIONS! I have had a healthy dose of the regular mommy guilt along with feeling like I just don't have my stuff together. Basically I felt guilty for needing to work while my kids were sick (even though my Mom was taking excellent care of them for me and she had got a full nights rest). I wanted to quit my job (health insurance be danged!) and just keep my babies at home with me and never leave my house and just live on the two pennies we could rub together. Of course I came to my senses quickly and realized that would be a dumb thing to do....but oh man I sure did want it so bad this week! #workingmomprobs

3. Pictures of my kids because....well a post needs pics and this is all I got. I took these before the cold assault really began in full swing.

4. Sell through realtor vs. try to sell ourselves....this is the debate and much discussed issue for us right now. We know our house is going up for sale one way or another very soon but we just aren't sure if we should put in the time and effort to try and sell it ourselves first or just call a realtor and pay that commission. I just wonder if there is anyone out there that could give us some glimmer of hope on the side of selling it ourselves??

5. My Birthday Weekend! Saturday is my birthday and we have no huge plans other than dinner with my parents, brother & sister Saturday night. Mom will cook a yummy meal and we'll hang out and catch up. Oh and there will be cake....starting my birthday weekend off by snatching up some good JCrew Factory deals. Exhibit A below: :)

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