Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday: Colds, Moods & My Birthday!

Well it's been a riveting week over here...NOT! Truth be told I am so glad to see this week come to an end and I hate to be that way. Basically the standard Spring cold has run it's course through our home going on 3 weeks now. I had it, then Michael, then Jonah (then he coughed in Haley's face before I could stop him) and this week Haley has had it.

1. Haley had her first cold/sickness. So at almost 8 months old Haley was sick for the first time of her life and lo I had forgotten how much a baby's daytime and nighttime schedule gets off. Well she couldn't breath well so that was the main issue for the night. In case I need to jog my brain again here is what you do for an infant with a cold.

-suction only twice a day (per the nurse).
-saline drops every 2 hours during the day (3 drops each nostril).
-elevate mattress on one end
-run cool mist humidifier at night to help with breathing. We bought this one and it's awesome!!
-keep a check on any rattling in chest and how the mucus is looking
-keep a check on fever....luckily H never had but a fever of 99
-oh and get prepared for less eating, grumpiness, waking more at night, etc.

Thankfully her appetite is somewhat back and she is on the mend besides coughing during the day.

2. Less sleep for me evidently = mood swings all around! I am sure it was mostly because I hadn't got much sleep this week but my have I been having ALL THE EMOTIONS! I have had a healthy dose of the regular mommy guilt along with feeling like I just don't have my stuff together. Basically I felt guilty for needing to work while my kids were sick (even though my Mom was taking excellent care of them for me and she had got a full nights rest). I wanted to quit my job (health insurance be danged!) and just keep my babies at home with me and never leave my house and just live on the two pennies we could rub together. Of course I came to my senses quickly and realized that would be a dumb thing to do....but oh man I sure did want it so bad this week! #workingmomprobs

3. Pictures of my kids because....well a post needs pics and this is all I got. I took these before the cold assault really began in full swing.

4. Sell through realtor vs. try to sell ourselves....this is the debate and much discussed issue for us right now. We know our house is going up for sale one way or another very soon but we just aren't sure if we should put in the time and effort to try and sell it ourselves first or just call a realtor and pay that commission. I just wonder if there is anyone out there that could give us some glimmer of hope on the side of selling it ourselves??

5. My Birthday Weekend! Saturday is my birthday and we have no huge plans other than dinner with my parents, brother & sister Saturday night. Mom will cook a yummy meal and we'll hang out and catch up. Oh and there will be cake....starting my birthday weekend off by snatching up some good JCrew Factory deals. Exhibit A below: :)

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  1. It's so stressful to sell and buy a house in and of itself, but adding sick babies on top of that! I'm sorry!! Colds are no fun--especially when it's a baby who has it.

  2. Hope your baby girl continues to get better and that you guys can kick that cold for good!!
    We all have our days of feeling like a less than stellar mom. You are awesome!! Not sure how you do it, working and juggling it all but you make it look easy.
    Btw, cute pics of your precious kiddos!!


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