Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How September Went

Hi there to anyone stopping by! Just wanted to pop in and do a little update on how my September Goals went. Here is where I posted about my September goals in case you missed it.

1. The health goals I had did not get met at all! September was not my healthiest month for eating. I do good on getting fruit each day but the sweets have been very tempting and just snacking in general. I also don't think I walked at all (for exercise) this past month. Boo on me! I have to do better in October!

2. I have kicked it on the Bible reading though. I read Ecclesiastes and did a devotional in the first part of the month. Then I just finished doing the "Open your Bible" study with She Reads Truth and very much enjoyed that. I just started the 1 & 2 Peter study with SRT as well!

3: Book reading: I read more than 1 book! I read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and it was awesome!! So, so good! I love historical fiction and love stories and this one was such a great love story! Now I want to read all of Francine Rivers' books! I am also listening to Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and enjoying it for the most part but I am ready to get it done so I know what ends up happening. Sidenote: I watched a 73 questions interview with Reese Witherspoon yesterday and she mentioned she had just read Big Little Lies too! A fun coincidence to me!

4. I have done my best to stay off-line and unplugged in the evenings and I am getting better with it!

5. I have taken a few pictures here and there will do a post soon with them. The kids are growing so fast!

6. I still have a lot to scrap of Haley and hope to do more of that this month once work calms down some. This is our busy season.

7. House Update: We received our first offer on our house and it was a really low price offer. We countered giving them a lot of things they wanted and came back with a higher price that was a little under our asking price. Then we didn't hear anything back from them and found out that they didn't even go over the counter offer with their realtor!! Such a bummer to get our hopes up somewhat but I guess that is just par for the course when you are trying to sell.

This post is already long so I will post my October Goals tomorrow! Have a great day!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

September Goals

I think this is the first year that August has ever flown by for me. In years past this would be the month of the year I dreaded the most (start of college courses or busy work season) but this year I looked forward to it. I think having my little baby girl's birthday this month had a lot to do with that and the fact that Jonah would be starting PreK.

Anyways, I am excited for September and the start of Fall. I am looking forward to finishing up a lot of work for the busy tax season at my job and then hopefully slowing down a little in that area. I am looking forward to the change of seasons and hopefully cooler temps but you never know with Tennessee weather.

I finished out fairly good on my August goals. I hit all but a couple. I still didn't take as many everyday life pictures as I wanted to but I did take some. I also did not make as good of eating choices as I wanted to but I did not gain a lot of weight. I just stayed about the same. I guess that counts for something. :)

Here are my September Goals:

1. Take my It Works Thermofit every day and try to eat healthier by staying away from carbs (potatoes and bread). Also try to walk 2-3 times a week.

2. Bible Reading: Read the book of Ecclesiastes (right after Proverbs) since Solomon wrote it as well. There are only 14 chapters but I will try to read the same chapter twice and/or read any devotions related to Ecclesiastes to better understand the whole book.

3. Read one other book or listen to a book on CD.

4. Stay off-line and unplugged in the evenings and on weekends as much as I can. (Easier said than done)

5. Take more pictures of daily life.

6. Get started on Jonah & Haley's yearly books since I start after their birthdays, all over again. I've already started Jonah's but need to get going with Haley's.

7. Hopefully get an offer on our house!!! (I can't really control this one but I would love to check it off my list. LOL)

Once again, nothing earth-shattering or crazy but just trying to be more intentional with my time outside of work and household duties.

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