Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How September Went

Hi there to anyone stopping by! Just wanted to pop in and do a little update on how my September Goals went. Here is where I posted about my September goals in case you missed it.

1. The health goals I had did not get met at all! September was not my healthiest month for eating. I do good on getting fruit each day but the sweets have been very tempting and just snacking in general. I also don't think I walked at all (for exercise) this past month. Boo on me! I have to do better in October!

2. I have kicked it on the Bible reading though. I read Ecclesiastes and did a devotional in the first part of the month. Then I just finished doing the "Open your Bible" study with She Reads Truth and very much enjoyed that. I just started the 1 & 2 Peter study with SRT as well!

3: Book reading: I read more than 1 book! I read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and it was awesome!! So, so good! I love historical fiction and love stories and this one was such a great love story! Now I want to read all of Francine Rivers' books! I am also listening to Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and enjoying it for the most part but I am ready to get it done so I know what ends up happening. Sidenote: I watched a 73 questions interview with Reese Witherspoon yesterday and she mentioned she had just read Big Little Lies too! A fun coincidence to me!

4. I have done my best to stay off-line and unplugged in the evenings and I am getting better with it!

5. I have taken a few pictures here and there will do a post soon with them. The kids are growing so fast!

6. I still have a lot to scrap of Haley and hope to do more of that this month once work calms down some. This is our busy season.

7. House Update: We received our first offer on our house and it was a really low price offer. We countered giving them a lot of things they wanted and came back with a higher price that was a little under our asking price. Then we didn't hear anything back from them and found out that they didn't even go over the counter offer with their realtor!! Such a bummer to get our hopes up somewhat but I guess that is just par for the course when you are trying to sell.

This post is already long so I will post my October Goals tomorrow! Have a great day!

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