Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jonah's First Easter

The last two weekends have been filled with Easter fun and family! They have been great but also very busy. Add to all the Easter festivities a living room remodel and bad storms and you get even busier and stressed.

We began our Easter celebrations last weekend (April 16th) at Bill and Dee's (Michael's parents) house with all of this brothers and sister. We had a wonderful meal and Jonah got to showing out in his walker. We take the walker with us anytime we are going to be somewhere for more than an hour because he is so heavy now and he loves to get his energy out. He was good entertainment for everyone. Also there were 3 other little ones there too. It is very unique in that Jonah is Bill and Dee's youngest grandchild with about 9 years difference from Jonah to the next oldest (Lucas). Two of our nephews have children of their own that are closer to Jonah's age. It is kind of interesting to see the differenes in the way Michael and I choose to parent and the way the much younger nephews choose to.

On Easter weekend we got up and put on our Easter Sunday best and went to Church. We took Jonah to Sunday school (we have been taking him off and on for about a month or so) and he was such a good boy in class! He is the only one in the class right now so that is why we feel really comfortable leaving him. Also it doesn't hurt that his teacher has 3 kids of her own so I know he is in good hands.

We had planned to go to our Church's egg hunt that afternoon but it just wasn't in the cards. Jonah needed a nap badly and would not settle down over at Mom's with all the commotion. It wasn't until we were back home that he decided to take a nap and slept right through the time to go to the egg hunt. Oh well he will be raring to go next year though!

Jonah and Uncle Jeff

Grandma and Jonah with his Easter basket from she and Poppa Cheatham

Jonah's Easter basket from us. Nana hand-painted his bucket.

Basket from Aunt Audrey

Jonah and Aunt Audrey

And now it's time for a nap!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Easter!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jonah's First Haircut

Well I am happy to report that our happy baby boy is back after all his sickness and teething troubles. We are so glad to have him back!! Anyways, last Friday we took Jonah to get a much-needed haircut.
I know that everyone thinks you should wait until babies are 1 year old before getting their first haircut....well I think these people's children don't have much hair!! LOL! We had strangers asking if he was a boy or a girl because his hair was so long and of course everyone has to comment on his hair sticking up. It is totally natural and we didn't get his hair cut to try to stop it from sticking up. Even our hair dressers (who both have babies) said that it is an old myth to wait and that they see lots of babies that should have had a haircut long before their first birthdays.

Michael had a haircut appointment already that day so I just took Jonah along to see if he would let us cut his hair. Well he fell asleep on the way down there so we didn't think we could do it. But Crystal, the hairdresser, said she could cut it while he was in his carrier. He stayed asleep for the first part and then woke up and we held him the rest of the time. He did pretty good for being a little tired and hungry (it was before supper time). Here are some pics!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Google Picasa

In case anyone out there is curious as to how to use Google's Picasa program for digital scrapbooking, see the link below. I promise it is the easiest way to digital scrapbook and easy to learn.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Weekend & My 1st B-day as a Mommy

Well I wish I could say that our weekend was perfect because the weather pretty much was. However, it was not a great one with Jonah's teething troubles hitting an all time high and therefore Daddy and I hitting an all time low as far as much rest was concerned. As I write this he is over most of the teething pain we are pretty sure, but now we are dealing with a pretty good helping of separation anxiety. Undoubtedly this separation anxiety has come on because while he was in pain he was pretty much glued to me and would not even go to Michael if I was anywhere within sight.

Anyways, so today is my 28th birthday and also my first one as a new Mommy. Jonah is by far the best present I could ever receive (even if fussy and clingy)! We did not do anything big for my b-day. My Dad's b-day is the 2nd so we had a family gathering at my parents house on Saturday and enjoyed yummy lasagna my Mom made. My sister, Audrey got to come home from med school with her new boyfriend to celebrate. By the way, she got me the most adorable spring green trench jacket that I can't wait to have a reason to wear. I got a little money to hopefully go towards some new spring wardrobe pieces. My parents got me a new purse from Thirty-One and a neat USB storage file that automatically uploads and backs up your pictures. Michael, Jonah and I went shopping for my b-day 2 weekends ago and I got all new seat cushions for our 8 metal chairs on the pool deck and back deck! I love those! I got a couple of new planters that I can't wait to be able to put flowers in and I ordered a new diaper bag from Thirty-One as well! Yes I am one spoiled Mama!!

I must mention that Mom and I ended up taking Jonah to the walk-in clinic on Friday afternoon last week because he was on his 3rd day of running a low-grade fever all day and night. I was so worried that he had an ear infection even though he wasn't pulling on his ears. He didn't really have much symptoms other than a fever and fussiness but I attributed most of that to teething. I just felt like he needed to be seen by someone to be sure it wasn't anything drastic. Well no sooner had we got in to see the nurse practitioner that I wished we had just stayed home.... Well we had a traumatic experience including Jonah crying the whole time, getting cathed to check his urine (it was horrid) for a UTI (he didn't have one) and them tyring to get enough blood from his heel (by squeezing the fire out of it) for a CDC. They never got enough blood because he was so tense and trying to pull his foot away while screaming bloody murder!! Ugh! I am still trying to get over the memories from all this. Our only saviour was that his pediatrician (Dr. Roads, whom we love!) was actually there that day and ended up looking at Jonah himself. Turns out all he had was Roseola Infantume. Roseola is basically a viral thing that is a fever than lasts 3 days and then turns into a rash and that's it. I was glad to know he didn't have anything more than that but at the same time I hated that Jonah was put through all that torture....well and me and Nana as well.

So on Saturday I was determined to make some better memories than the day before. Jonah and I went for a nice walk at the park and I took some spring pictures for his Easter cards. Here are some of the shots I got.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Little Buttercup

I made this scrapbook page with Google Picasa software for myself and my Mom (Nana). I just love how easy it is to make pages. I made this one in like 10 minutes while Jonah was napping. This is my kind of scrapbooking. No pages to cut and no mess to clean up. All I have to do is get them printed out somewhere.