Sunday, August 28, 2011

12 Month check-up & Jonah's health

Earlier this month we went for Jonah's 12 month well-checkup appointment. He was healthy as could be and Dr. Roads said he was doing great! Here are the stats from that appointment.

Weight: 21 lbs and 2 oz. (21st percentile)
Height: 28 1/2 inches (9th percentile)
Head Circ.: 46% (34th percentile)

Basically he is as wide as he is tall LOL! They still say he is on the lower side for his height but this does not surprise us much because Michael was never the tallest in his class. The main thing is that he is healthy and growing.

He had to get 3 different vaccines that day so 3 different sticks. I cannot remember what all he got but I know he got the Chicken Pox vaccine and the Measles, Mumps and Rubella one too. He was pretty upset with it all this time but the nurse was super duper quick with the shots and she told us they stung pretty good. He managed to calm down fairly quick after it was over. I sure hate when he has to get those nasty shots!!

I also want to make note of how Jonah has faired health-wise over his first year. We are so thankful to God that he has been healthy the majority of his first year. I know it was God watching over him but I also think it has been attributed to some other factors as well.

The first one being that he has not been around other children much his first year. It's just him at Mom's everyday and he hadn't been staying at the nursery at Church until the last few months. No one else in our immediate family has any little ones that he is around very often. I think that has made a big differences. Also, I think that the colostrum and breastmilk that he did get (while I was breastfeeding) also helped build up his immune system. I wish I would have been able to produce enough milk for him to keep doing that. The last thing I attribute his health to is having him adjusted regularly by our chiropractor. He adjusted him the night he was born at the hospital and Jonah never did spit up on a regular basis.

He also NEVER had an ear infection his whole first year of life!! From what I hear from other mom's and book....that is just unheard of these days. Even when we thought he had one for sure, one time when he got a pretty high fever, they checked his ears and said they were nice and clear. We were so surprised! But everytime he gets adjusted they always do an adjustment to his ears so that they can drain properly. I think it has meant all the difference for us. I recommend it to all new parents....but sometimes they just think we're crazy to have an infant adjusted.

I just wanted to jot these things down before I forget to. We are so thankful to have our happy and healthy boy! We pray he remains that way!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Steps and Funnies

On Monday, August 1, 2011 Jonah took his first steps unassisted!!! Below is a video we did of him shuffling around. He had been walking or cruising around on the furniture and holding our hands but we started letting go and he would stand by himself. It wasn't long before he took those first steps. The funny thing is that he has never got the hang of crawling. He just puts his head on the floor and pushes with his legs. He is definately one of those that went straight to walking. I think he will be tottering around all by himself by the end of the month. He is getting so big on us!!!

Here are a few funny things he has been doing lately that I want to remember.

Whenever he is in the living room he points to the lamp until we say "lamp" and then the basket, the picture on the wall and the clock. He just keeps fussing until you say the word of what he is pointing to and he knows the difference between them all.

Whenever someone around  him laughs or a large crowd (like at church) laughs he has to cackle too...usually a few minutes after the laughter is over. It is too cute and funny!