Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Steps and Funnies

On Monday, August 1, 2011 Jonah took his first steps unassisted!!! Below is a video we did of him shuffling around. He had been walking or cruising around on the furniture and holding our hands but we started letting go and he would stand by himself. It wasn't long before he took those first steps. The funny thing is that he has never got the hang of crawling. He just puts his head on the floor and pushes with his legs. He is definately one of those that went straight to walking. I think he will be tottering around all by himself by the end of the month. He is getting so big on us!!!

Here are a few funny things he has been doing lately that I want to remember.

Whenever he is in the living room he points to the lamp until we say "lamp" and then the basket, the picture on the wall and the clock. He just keeps fussing until you say the word of what he is pointing to and he knows the difference between them all.

Whenever someone around  him laughs or a large crowd (like at church) laughs he has to cackle too...usually a few minutes after the laughter is over. It is too cute and funny!

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