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Hello there!! Welcome to my little neck of the blogging woods!

Please come and sit a while and learn about me and my family and some of the things I enjoy doing. I mostly write about my family and the things we experience as we raise our son. I occasionally throw in some crafts, recipes and projects I do around my house too. I just want to document our lives as often as I can so we can one day look back on this blog as a scrapbook.

First let me introduce myself and my family.

I am April and this is my handsome hubby, Michael and our prides and joys, Jonah (4) and Haley (1).

We live in rural Middle Tennessee in a small town that is bordered by the Cumberland River. We are close to Land Between The Lakes and it is a beautiful and safe place to live.

We are Christians that believe that Jesus Christ came to this earth and lived a sinless life and died on the cross to save us from our sins. We strive to live our life in the most Christ-like way. Sure we fail to do this on a daily basis but the key is we keep trying. We are also trying to teach our son to love Jesus and follow his commandments.

Here are some other things about me that maybe you did not know.

1. I work full-time from home in the financial services field.

2. Our house only has one full bathroom! It is easy to keep one clean but it is tiny!

3. My husband is a mechanic and can fix just about anything from boats to cars to big trucks.

4. My Mom keeps Jonah and Haley every day and I love it for her and them!

5. I am a quiet person and introverted. This bodes well for working from home but I do miss being around people too. I love to read and craft quietly by myself whenever have the chance....which is not often at this stage of life. :)

6. I love to sew and am still learning a lot about it. I don't make clothes though. I've never been good at that but I love to make household items and purses.

7. My lifelong dream is to one day own my own business. I have several ideas of what kind of business and they change constantly but one day I really want to try doing my own thing.

8. I love to paint but don't have much time to do it these days. I don't love the mess that comes with it but I love the process of starting with a fresh coat of paint.

If you want to know more about me just leave me a comment.

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