Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Photo Session

This year I have a mental checklist in my brain that says.....go to pumpkins patch...check.....take pictures of Jonah in leaves....check....etc, etc. Well I checked off the leaves pictures this weekend along with trick-or-treating (another post). So here are the best of my shots I got in our front yard. We have one big maple tree that is yellow in leaves right now. So when the sun came out Saturday I plopped Jonah down in the leaves that had gathered and started clicking away.

The money shot!!

He seriously thought he could pick this up LOL

Oh....I guess it's too heavy

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall scrapbooking

After watching some YouTube tutorials on using pre-made photoshop templates, I decided to give it a try. I found this free template at my favorite digiscrap website, The Shabby Princess. This one was a free template for October available on their blog, here.

It was surprisingly easy to do and I am delighted with how it turned out. I still have lots to learn and need to stock up on digital supplies but this is a start!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Last weekend was so much fun! We all loaded up and headed to the pumpkin patch for some family fun. We met our friend Amanda and her little girl Neely Jane there and my Mom (Nana) came along to help take pictures as well. We got to there when they opened at 10:00 and stayed till after lunch time. We went to Riverview Mounds Century Farm. They had a huge play area in the middle full of the neatest activities and play areas for little ones. They also had zip lines, a petting zoo, corn mazes, hayrides, barrell train rides, pony rides and pumpkin picking. There was so much to do in one place!

We started off in a little play area that was geared right to Jonah and Neely's age group. It had lots of the plastic slides and picnic tables for their size. Then we headed to the hayride first. Jonah loved riding along and looking at all the countryside. The hayride took us by some of the mounds on the farm where Indians used to live and actually built them. They used them for special ceremonies and weddings.

Next we went through the mini corn maze. We brought along our little wagon to haul Jonah and all our gear in. That turned out to be a life...and back-saver that day! LOL Michael took Jonah down the super fast slide.

Then we just played around in all the different areas they had set up. Jonah especially liked the tire playground full of huge old tractor tires. He loves anything that has tires so he thought that was awesome and would have stayed right there all day if we let him. He also enjoyed sitting up and driving the old tractor they had set-up. He enjoyed the huge sand lot they had too but didn't really know what to do with all that sand. He had never even felt it before. I think we need to take him to the beach this year...hint-hint! LOL

After playing some we visited the petting zoo that had mainly goats and chickens and one big Llama that kept trying to get close to my head. I wasn't too keen on the petting zoo because I was just afraid of Jonah getting bit or something. I did however, love the pumpkin area. They don't really have a pumpkin patch at this farm....just an area where they sell all their pumpkins. Jonah loved touching them and everywhere he looked there were more to see and touch. We finally settled a big fat one that will be good for carving we think. After all that fun we had a quick lunch and headed out. Jonah was asleep in the car before we got back to the main road!!

After all our farm fun we headed over to my grandmother's house close by so Nana could get her car and Jonah caught a good nap while we chilled. Then we headed out for our first fine dining experience with a toddler! We chose Red Lobster to be our first victim since it was Michael's birthday weekend and all he has talked about is the Endless Shrimp promotion they had going on. Thankfully we got there early, around 4:00 before the "date crowd" set in and they gave us a big booth in the back away from most of the other booths....I think they saw toddler and boy and knew where to put us! LOL! It worked out great for us though. Jonah could play on the booth seat while we ordered and they give them crayons and a color page there as well. He ate good and we managed to taste our lovely food as well. He was happy as always but did holler out happily a couple of times and we had to call him down. But overall he was very well behaved. Maybe we will brave another restaurant soon!

Well if you are still with me here are some pics from the fun day! Enjoy!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jonah's 1st Story Hour

This Thursday was story hour at our local library. Nana decided it would be a good time to take Jonah to it for the first time and see how he did. I will spare you any suspense and say HE DID GREAT!

There were about 12 kids there all under school age but he and his buddy Neely were the littlest ones. They sang songs and went on a bear hunt, ate snacks and listened to the story. He got right out in the floor with the other kids and sat in Nana's lap during story time. I am so proud of my little man!!

They are going to plan on going to it each week as long as he enjoys it. I think it s a great thing for him to be involved in because he needs to be around other kids more. It's just him all day with Nana by himself so I think it's important for him to be around others now that he is getting more interactive.

Here are some pictures from the day. Sorry they are blurry but Mom took them with her phone for me.

Here he is getting his "binoculars" to go on the bear hunt.

Playing around with the other kids.

Taking in all the activity around him LOL!

Mom said right after this picture he went up and touched the bear!! She missed it though. So proud of him!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Fun Day 2011

Our church had their annual Fun Day at the home/farm of one of our members this past Sunday. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the time we got to spend with friends and family. We did not get to stay the whole day as Jonah needed a nap and we were also celebrating my sister's birthday that day too. Here are some pics that Papaw got while we were there.

Jonah loves his wagon still and we brought it along to pull him around the yard there. He looks like a little man to me in that hat! :)

Pointing at stuff and us telling him what it is is his favorite thing to do right now. Dad caught him in action!

We managed to get a picture of me and him together this time.....but of course he wouldn't look at the camera!