Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Photo Session

This year I have a mental checklist in my brain that says.....go to pumpkins patch...check.....take pictures of Jonah in leaves....check....etc, etc. Well I checked off the leaves pictures this weekend along with trick-or-treating (another post). So here are the best of my shots I got in our front yard. We have one big maple tree that is yellow in leaves right now. So when the sun came out Saturday I plopped Jonah down in the leaves that had gathered and started clicking away.

The money shot!!

He seriously thought he could pick this up LOL

Oh....I guess it's too heavy


  1. I love your leaves pictures! Our leaves have just started falling so the ground isn't covered like that yet.

    About kid-friendly CofC stuff...I don't have many suggestions. I do teach Bible class on Sunday's and Wednesday's, but lessons are different than things you do at home. I just read a passage and say the books of the Bible with my little one every day right now. I know there is a series called Digger Doug done by a member that is geared towards children, but I'm not sure what age group. That site also has several cd's of Bible verse songs. I haven't personally seen the Digger Doug series or heard the cd's, but am planning on ordering some of them soon. The reputation of the family that does them is good.

  2. Thank so much Lisa! I will look into what you mentioned.


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