Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Haley is 5 Months Old!

Our sweet girl is 5 months old! Haley turned 5 months on 1.5.2014. She is a sweet ray of sunshine in our lives!

We don't go back to the Dr. until next month but I am guessing she weighs around 13 pounds. All her 3 month size clothes are tight on her but the leg and arm length is perfect. She wears some 3-6 month stuff and even some 6 month stuff. It just depends on the brand.


Haley does great at night. Some nights she doesn't even wake up to eat but most of the time she eats around 2-3 a.m. She takes 2 good long naps a day of around 2 hours and usually one shorter evening nap before going down for the night. We can't complain about how well she sleeps. She is still being swaddled to sleep and still sleeps in the swing. I think we are going to need to transition her to her crib fully at night VERY soon. I am not looking forward to this and yes I know I brought it on myself! LOL!


We have been cleared to start solids but we have chose not to yet. No real reason other than I am not ready for it. Ha! Haley is doing really well right now with taking her bottle and we are still fixing 5 ounce bottles. Most of the time she takes 4.5 - 5 oz at each feeding. She still goes every 4 hours (her own schedule) between feedings. We will probably start some oatmeal here soon and see how she does. We just got a bumbo seat so I think that will help with trying it. I am in no rush to start all the food but I really want to talk to her Dr. at her 6 month visit about it all again.


Haley is very close to rolling over from her back and her belly. She did roll from belly to back a couple of times last week but I think it was fluke because I had just laid her on her belly when she did it both times. She can get herself onto her side when she on her back she just can't get her arms out of her way to roll on over. It will be soon! This is another reason why we need to start transitioning her out of the swing. She is reaching out and grabbing anything close to her too! She will grab at my hair, mouth and nose when I hold her. It's adorable to see her explore. She tries to reach out and grab Jonah too but he usually doesn't stay still long enough for her to accomplish that feat. Haha! She is a giggly and smiling baby most of the time until she gets tired and then she rubs those eyes so much! It's precious! She also has started getting stronger in her legs to stand up on our laps. She will try to jump in these little tiny jumps when you first stand her up. I call it her river! Haley still loves to chew on her fingers and doesn't have any interest in a pacifier either.


Haley seems to be a very content baby as long as all her feeding and sleeping needs are being met. She likes her schedule and so does her Mommy! Ha! She loves to be looking around and watching everything going on when she is awake. She loves colors. She will watch TV really well especially when Mickey is on. She loves him as much as Jonah does and recognizes his voice. I am not sure that's a good thing or not. We let Jonah watch some Mickey for about 1 hour in the evenings but not every night. That is all we really let him watch though or that he cares to watch so it could be worse. She seems to just be a very easy to please baby and I am so thankful for that!!

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