Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jonah's First Haircut

Well I am happy to report that our happy baby boy is back after all his sickness and teething troubles. We are so glad to have him back!! Anyways, last Friday we took Jonah to get a much-needed haircut.
I know that everyone thinks you should wait until babies are 1 year old before getting their first haircut....well I think these people's children don't have much hair!! LOL! We had strangers asking if he was a boy or a girl because his hair was so long and of course everyone has to comment on his hair sticking up. It is totally natural and we didn't get his hair cut to try to stop it from sticking up. Even our hair dressers (who both have babies) said that it is an old myth to wait and that they see lots of babies that should have had a haircut long before their first birthdays.

Michael had a haircut appointment already that day so I just took Jonah along to see if he would let us cut his hair. Well he fell asleep on the way down there so we didn't think we could do it. But Crystal, the hairdresser, said she could cut it while he was in his carrier. He stayed asleep for the first part and then woke up and we held him the rest of the time. He did pretty good for being a little tired and hungry (it was before supper time). Here are some pics!

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