Friday, April 11, 2014

Haley is 8 Months Old! {4.5.2014}

I really was hoping Haley would just stay 7 months old! LOL! I need to get a grip because it's crazy that she is closer to being 1 than being zero. Haha! In a few short months we will be lighting a single candle and watching her dive in. Anywho, here's what she has been up to this past month. It's been a doozey!!

Milestones this month and stats:
-Haley is a little over 15 lbs (per Dr. scale...more about that below)
-Has 4 teeth now! (2 bottom and 2 top)
-Out of 6 month clothes and into more 6-9 month clothes but full 9 month ones are still big
-Still in size 2 diaper
-Eating 5 5ounces bottles a day
-Loves sweet potatoes, pears, peaches and sometimes carrots. She is not digging much food. :(
-Is sitting up perfect and will reach as far as she can for toys
-Had her first cold and ear infections and sick Dr. visit


Due to Haley's cold and not being able to breath well she has not been as good of a sleeper but you can't blame her. I had forgotten how a little cold could totally screw up their sleep routines. Naps got off and feedings got off and so of course her night sleep got off. She still wanted to be asleep but just couldn't sleep well from either not being able to breath out of her nose for a few days or just feeling bad in general. Propping her crib mattress up a little and using a cool mist humidifier helped a lot. When she started running a low grade fever after I thought she was getting better, I decided to take her to the Dr. Thankfully her lungs sounded fine but she had double ear infections.  Yuck! So she has been on meds for that I think she is starting to feel better the last couple days and finally start eating more normal. I was so thankful none of us were sick this whole winter but spring has sprung and we all had the same cold, just hate that her's turned into ear infections.


Haley has not wanted to eat much baby food since she got sick so we are kind of starting over again with all that. She seems to be pretty picky about food but I hope she will grow out of it as she can eat more table food. I kind of would love to just skip the baby food all together. LOL!


Haley loves to play on her mats and will just hop from one toy to next, usually just chewing on them and throwing them down for the next one. She has not tried to crawl at all yet. She also still loves the TV and will watch any cartoon that is on. Sometimes it's handy when I need to drop her and run to another room to get something but I know it's not a great habit for her to watch much TV.


On the days that Haley was the most sick or not feeling well she was not very content but it was such a change to her normal contented self. So now we know how to tell when she is not feeling well. She is still such a happy and content baby for the most part. Loves to be talked to and loves to flash her little grin. She is getting leery of strangers now but recognizes most of us that she sees regularly. Haley has also started letting us know when she is ready to be picked up. She will hold her little arms up just a little and drop anything she has in her hands and just watch to see if you will come get her. She also started reaching for me when someone else is holding her. Melt my heart!! I think this prissy pants is going to be a Mommy's girl through and through. :)

Thankful for another mostly healthy month with our precious prissy pants!

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  1. April, she is just a doll! Such a sweet little baby!

  2. You can skip the baby food- look into Baby Led Weaning. It's amazing! And so much easier!


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