Sunday, March 23, 2014

PreK, Work Trips & Hoping To Stay Sane

I don't have much in the way of pictures to show for the last week but I do have a few things going on.

First thing is I took Haley for her belated 6 month pictures. She is 7 (almost 8) months old in them but I wanted to wait until she could sit up good by herself. Our photographer posted a couple of sneak peaks on Facebook that I just have to share here. My Mom made the name banner behind her on the first one. I am in love with both of these so not sure how I will pick from the rest!

I love the vintage editing she did on this one. Haley was such a ham for us! It was fun!

Second thing is the hubby left today for a work trip and will be gone all week. Boooo! I was pretty much in denial that he was going until yesterday when he started packing. He will be a few states away from us and I know he hates being away too but he will be taking a class and test to better himself at work so what can you do?! I will be holding down the fort by myself but with my parent's help if I need it. Jonah asked for his Daddy first thing this morning and when I told him he was gone he was not happy but at least he didn't get too upset. I made us a paper chain for each day he will be gone and am going to let Jonah cut one of them each night. I hope that will help some.

The last big news is that I registered Jonah for a PreK program with a church about 45 minutes away from us. It came highly recommended and I think it will be what he needs to prepare him for kindergarten in 2015. It will just be 2 days a week and about 5 hours each day. So not too bad. It doesn't start until August so we have lots of time to get him prepped for going. I am excited for him to learn and be in a Christian learning environment. I toured the school last week and was so impressed. They have a chapel time each week as well as Art, Music and Science special classes. The 4 year old's have their hallway and there are 2 teachers in each small class. The people there were so friendly too! I think he will love it!

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  1. My boys looove school and are in a similar small church environment. That is exciting for Jonah!

  2. So so precious! Very exciting for your next venture!

  3. Love that picture with the bunting. Precious!

  4. Oh my goodness!! Your baby girl is gorgeous!! Those are amazing pictures!! Good luck deciding. =)
    I bet Jonah will love PreK and it is so good for him.


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