Sunday, March 9, 2014

Haley is 7 Months Old!

Happy 7 Months Haley!

We don't go back for a well-check until mid-May so I am not sure exactly how much Haley weighs but it's somewhere between 14 and 15 lbs. Here are a few stats.

-Still eating 4 5oz bottles and one 4 oz bottle right before bed. Usually gets up in the night to eat a full bottle too.

-Still wearing size 2 diapers

-Wearing 6 month clothes very well and some 6-9 month ones.

-Sitting up by yourself! You are doing great at holding yourself upright but sometimes still all to the side.


Teething has thrown your naps off a lot during the day but you are still sleeping a good 10 hours at night. You are still getting up just about every night to eat. I really don't mind it because you go right back to sleep once you get that belly full again. Right now you are an early waker like your brother was and 6 a.m. is your wake-up. This is Mommy and Daddy's usual wake-up time too so it's sometimes interesting. :) We really can't complain about your sleeping and I know one day I'll miss feeding you in the middle of the night.


You are still liking those 5 oz. bottles. I am just glad we finally got you up to taking 24 oz or more every 24 hours. I was worried we would never get there for a while. You've got some growing to do! Now the food.....well you love squash and sweet potatoes. You didn't care much for carrots but you did eat them. Now we need to tackle the rest of the veggies and some fruits. Your Mama has been slow on the food and you are not a big fan of the cereals. I need to do better about making sure you get more food but I just don't want to mess up the good bottle thing we have going. I do wonder sometimes if more table food would help you sleep all night....LOL!


You are a playing girl! Those little hands are into whatever they can reach and grab. And it usually goes straight to the mouth first. You love to chew on stuffed animals and all of your playmat toys. You love to pull Mommy's hair and clothes and just chew on a rag sometimes. You are rolling from your back to your belly ALMOST but won't get that one arm out of your way. You'll have your legs, hips and head turned down but just that one arm in the way. It drives us crazy because we know you should be rolling around really good but we don't want to "help" you so you'll figure it out on your own. I know you'll get there eventually.

Overall Personality:

Overall you are still a mostly content girl but teething has proven that wrong sometimes. I hate to see you hurting with those teeth and it seems like you are cutting two at a time. The two lower ones on each side of the middle ones are going to cut through any day now. Then hopefully you'll get some relief. You are pretty good self-soother though! You still love to watch whatever Jonah is doing and get the biggest cackles from watching him. You love to be tickled and played with and seem like you are going to be really into people.

We can't wait to see what's in store for this month!

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