Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I don't have anything prepared enough for a whole post but wanted to pop in. So I figure I will give the "currently" trend a try.


WATCHING: My kids grow at warp speed!! I really have little time to watch TV unless you count Mickey Mouse Club House as TV. LOL! Haley is already into 3-6 month clothes and cackling, smiling, and reaching for things above her. Jonah is doing what all 3 years old do best....driving their parents cuckoo!

READING: No books for this gal right now. I am mostly keeping up with my favorite blogs and reading my favorite magazines.

LISTENING: Christmas music!! I love Francesca Batistelli, Dave Barnes, Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Lady Antebellum and of course lots of the classics.

MAKING: Christmas budgets, Christmas gift lists, grocery lists, cleaning lists....and the list goes on. LOL

FEELING: Nostalgic in thinking back on past Christmases and those when I lived at home. I wish I could bottle up the excitement that I used to feel at this time of the year. Not a care in the world but when Christmas would get here. I just want so bad for my own children to have the magical Christmases that I remember growing up.

PLANNING: Michael and I are going to have Saturday all to ourselves (thanks to Nana & Papaw) to get the bulk of our Christmas shopping done. I am looking forward to conquering the stores and hopefully getting some adult conversation time with the hubs.

LOVING: I know this will sound cliche...but right now I am just loving life. Loving that I am healthy and that all of my family is here with me. I learned of a young father (he was actually a month older than me) that lost his life last week very unexpectedly and left behind two small children. I did not know him but I followed his wife's blog and so I feel like I knew him. I am just so glad I have my family to wrap my arms around.

What are you currently loving?

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  1. Yay for a day of kid free Christmas shopping! I hope y'all are able to find everything you're looking for. I haven't even started but I'm thinking most of my shopping will be done online. It's just too easy! :)

  2. That is a wonderful thing to be loving. We are so blessed!

  3. I can't get enough christmas music! Oh and I'm a huge 'lister' myself. :)

  4. Fun post!! I had to giggle at the list part. I am the say way! =)
    My hubby and I were just having the conversation about how exciting Christmas is for the kids and how much we love watching them. Also, how much faster it all goes when you are an adult. It seemed to take forever to get here when we were kids.

  5. Just ran into your blog! I love meeting new sisters in Christ. :) I'll be back for sure!


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