Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jonah is 5 months old!

Well our little man is five months old today and I can hardly believe it! Time is passing very quickly these days and Jonah is growing more and more. He is really getting so animated and showing so much personality with each new day. We are so blessed to get to watch it all! Here are some stats and things he has been up to the past month.


He is sleeping better than ever before.....I should just leave it at that...LOL! No, he is sleeping about 9 hours at night and still needing a feeding in the middle of the night. He was very gassy at night when we first started the rice cereal but it seems to be better. He is taking somewhat routine naps during the day of at least an hour to two hours. He seems to have eliminated a late evening nap and is going down between 8 and 9.


He is still eating around 5 ounces every 3 hours. We got the go ahead to start introducing solids from the Dr. So far we have tried the rice cereal, which seemed to make him gassy so we switched to the oatmeal cereal. He seems to tolerate it much better. He caught on fast on how to get that food down and he really likes the apple juice mixed in his cereal. I am hoping he will continue to gobble up what we offer him.


He loves to bounce, as in us holding him and him jumping in our laps. He is so strong and he pretty much does the bouncing on his own. We just hold him for balance. Nana and Papa already got him a bouncer for Christmas and it took him all of 3 minutes to figure out how to get his bounce on. He loves it! He is getting one for our house from Granny and I can't wait to see how he likes it. He loves to hold small things in his hand and then throw them or drop them out of sight immediately. Of course, we have to pick it back up..LOL. He likes to be pulled to standing position and he likes to be sitting up all the time. He still hasn't rolled over yet but I think that is just because he hates to be on his belly for very long. :(


He is cooing and making noises all the time. His new thing this week is coughing. He is not really coughing because he has to but because he just likes being able to make the noise. It's so funny becasue he'lll start that coughing and doesn't stop for about a minute or so.

He loves people and notices faces right away. When we take him to Church and people hold him he just stares at them and then smiles. He is very friendly and social for a baby I think. He loves when you make faces and funny noises. He likes for someone to be in the room with him at all times when he is awake. He wants to know you're there and focusing on him. LOL

Here are some pictures from today at 5 months and some from 4 and 3 months to compare. Those legs are plumping up! We call them his Christmas hams!

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