Friday, January 21, 2011

Loved You From The Very Start

My Mom sent me this poem she found and it is just so perfect for the way I (and I know every mother) feels about their babies. I just wanted to share it and some recent pictures of Jonah.

I loved you from the very start
Author: Unknown
I loved you from the very start,
You stole my breath, embraced my heart.
Our life together has just begun,
You're part of me my little one.
As mother with child, each day I grew,
My mind was filled with thoughts of you.
I'd daydream of the things we'd share,
Like late-night bottles and teddy bears.
Like first steps and skinned knees,
Like bedtime stories and ABC's.
I thought of things you'd want to know,
Like how birds fly and flowers grow.
I thought of lessons I'd need to share,
Like standing tall and playing fair.
When I first saw your precious face,
I prayed your life be touched with grace.
I thanked the angels from above,
And promised you unending love.
Each night I lay you down to sleep,
I gently kiss your head and cheek.
I count your little fingers and toes;
I memorize your eyes and nose.
I linger at your nursery door,
Awed each day I love you more.
Through misty eyes, I dim the light,
I whisper, "I love you" every night.
I loved you from the very start,
You stole my breath, embraced my heart.
As mother and child our journeys begin,
My heart's yours forever my little friend.

Jonah is 6 months old today and I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. In the first couple of weeks after he was born sometimes it seemed like the days and weeks were so long. Probably because we weren't getting much sleep. But oh how I wish I could go back to those days for just a minute to remember how "new" he was! He is getting so big and learning new stuff it is just amazing how fast they do new things and learn new skills. I am enjoying watching him grow and blossom and I know it's only the beginning. But sometimes in my selfishness I want him to slow down and just stay right where he is at right now. At the same time I am excited for all the fun we will be having in the coming months and years.

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