Saturday, May 31, 2014

Haley is 9 Months Old!

So let's pretend that this update isn't almost a whole month late....hoping to get back on track next month with these posts and all other posts.

Being as this post is late, some of my memories of what Haley has been doing will be mingled with what she actually is doing right now.


-Still drinking 5-6 oz bottles 5-6 bottles a day
-Still not a fan of the baby foods at all...will this child ever eat food!?
-Still wears size 2 diapers and is in 9 month clothes
-Dr. appt. stats: Weight = 15 lb 13 oz (12th %), Height = 27 inches (22nd %) and Head = 45 cm (79th %).


Haley's sleep is still good in my book but she does still wake in the night for a bottle some of the time. Ever since she had those back-to-back ear infections it seems she just doesn't sleep as solid as she used to. I am hoping it's just growing phase. She still takes 2 decent naps of 1-2 hours but she is usually completely done with her naps by 3 at the latest each day. So around 5-6 she is tired but won't take another nap so we don't push it and she goes down very easy at around 8 each night. I am hoping we can work her afternoon nap more and more towards her going down at 2, rather than at 1 so there is not such a long stretch each evening and we can actually do some stuff in the middle of the day more. We are still so blessed by how good she sleeps in general that I can't complain too much. Oh, and naps are still in the swing.....I know....


So like I mentioned, at 9 months she was still taking mostly 5 and sometimes 5.5 ounce bottles during the day. If she woke in the night she would take a big 6 ounce sometimes too because she was hungry. Haley does so much better at taking her bottles all straight and not starting and stopping. Now we just have to keep working on that food. I won't lie and say that I haven't stressed over it quite a bit. I know she will eat when she is ready and she is showing all the signs to be ready such as chomping with her gums and reaching for stuff and holding it well at her mouth. I just can't seems to figure out how to help her like eating. I guess it's something she will just have to figure out on her own with us just continuing to offer her things. 


Busy, busy girl our Haley is! She loves her toys and plays very well for long stretches by herself. She loves to chew on stuff and throw it and then try to pull it back to herself. She loves to scream/talk and loves to be teased with just about anything. We've also found that she loves to play pretty rough with her Daddy. She loves to be tossed up the air (not huge) and hung upside down. I think she is going to be our thrill-seaker and adventurous kid. I know once she gets mobile that she will be into everything. If something is within her reach she is going to grab it and bring it to her mouth. Jonah wasn't like this at all. He got into stuff but not everything like she wants to.  Haley also figured out  or became more aware of things being on her head (headbands and sun hats) and she can take them off now. So our headband days are numbered, I know. Just hoping we can make it 12 months because she doesn't have enough hair for bows yet.


This month Haley has started recognizing faces and putting names to them. When we ask her where someone is she looks right at them. She also knows what Hi and Bye mean and she can wave for both.  She is still a very content baby but whoa does she let you know when she ain't happy or doesn't like where we've put her. She is hard to ignore so I mostly just pick her up....I know I'm starting great habits but unless it's something I just can't pick her up for I usually do or at least change her location. So far teething and just general sickness are the only things that get our little "sunshine" girl down but who can blame her with those two. Haley is also more aware of people she doesn't know and she likes them from afar but not up close so she definitely has the "stranger danger" going on now.

I can't believe we are almost to 10 months and then so very close to her being 1! I have started getting ideas and things together for her party too!

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  1. Ugh, sorry about the eating. It is so nice when they sit in the high chair and self feed! And coming from experience- the second (and third) are SO busy because they are just trying to keep up!


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