Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Annual Favorite Things Party

This party is so fun and different than a typical gift exchange-type party. I did not come up with this idea but I've seen versions of it on blogs in the past couple of years. I decided this was the year I would host one. A Favorite Things party is where you invite your friends to bring a certain number of their favorite things (we did 3) and then they present their items and names are drawn to see which person gets to take home one of their favorite things! They brought 3 of the SAME thing and we set a dollar limit of no more than $15 (including tax). Some people just brought one item and some brought a goodie bag type with a couple of items. It was really fun to see all the different things and get to know people a little better too. Everyone brought a dessert or appetizer and we just chatted and pigged out.

Here are some pictures of the party and the items. Next year I hope we are in a bigger place (hopefully in our new house) and I can invite all my friends and family. I had to limit the number of people this year because I knew if I invited too many I wouldn't have enough room to put them all (my max is about 10 people) but I still wanted to give the party a try and see how my friends/family liked it.

Charlee, Christina and Mandy

Everyone deposited their items on my hutch and I put their name beside them. 

Fuzzy slipper, nail polish and big earrings.

Special scrubbies and holders.

A couple of goodie bags

A favorite mascara.

Pretty candles and coffee cups with gift cards.

Gift cards and other goodies.

It was fun evening with the ladies and a couple of little girls!

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  1. What a fun idea! Love this!


  2. Love this! We did a favorite things exchange with my extended family last year and it was so fun! I thought it really let people focus on each other instead of just pricey gifts!


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