Friday, February 13, 2015

Fun, Informative and Useful Friday Links

I just wanted to share some things that caught my eye this week around the blog or social media world. Some are probably ones you've already found but maybe not!

1. I enjoyed THIS podcast by Focus on the Family regarding what is really the message in the book and movie, Fifty Shades of Gray. It's worth a listen even if you have no intention of reading the book or going to see the movie, which honestly, I hope you don't.

2. I enjoyed reading THIS post by Lauren Pinkston from her blog Upwardly Dependent. It speaks about her feeling towards women's roles in the church and how her perception has changed over the years as she has grown in Christ and in her God-given role.

3. I am thinking of getting a small group together to attend the dotMOM conference since it will be in my neck of the woods this year (well less than 2 hours away) and two of my favorite blogger/authors will be speaking! Sophie Hudson (of Boo Mama blog) and Melanie Shankle (of Big Mama blog) will be speaking along with the Christian fiction author Karen Kingsbury. I would also love to hear Christy Nockels perform live. She is one of my favorite Christian women singers.

4. I have been studying the Esther Bible study on my She Reads Truth app and loving it. The devotionals just bring so much to the story. It only takes a few minutes and I feel like I've learned something new each time.

5. Jonah and I worked on some lil love monsters for his teachers and he ended up wanting to make one for just about everyone he knows. LOL They were so cute and easy to make. Here is link to the actual tutorial. (He missed his Valentines party day because of a bad cough but hopefully he will be better next week).

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