Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jonah is 11 months old!

Well this post is pretty late seeing as Jonah turned 11 months on June 21st! He is getting so big and picking up new skills every day! It is so fun to see what he has learned. I will try to remember it all!


Sleeping all night and no longer takes a bottle before bedtime. We take him in his room around 7:30 and read his 4 favorite books. He has a really neat picture book called "100 First Words". He loves to point to the pictures and touch them. He always touches the same ones which is so funny. Then we read "Biscuit" and "The ABCs of Cookies" which is a cheapo Sesame Street book. Then we always save the "Peter Rabbit's Sleepy Time" book for last. He loves to pull up the flaps on the pages where there is a little critter sleeping and you cover them up. He really gets into it. He already knows that after that book it is time to turn out the light and go to sleep. Some nights I rock him to sleep and other's I just put him in his crib and he wallers around until he falls to sleep. He usually wakes up between 6:00 and 6:30 in the morning.


He is doing great with food and we are completely off the bottle. That is hard for me to believe myself. He holds his sippy cup great now and wants it a lot in between meals. He is eating a little bit larger pieces of snacks and stuff but we haven't completely graduated to table foods just yet. He still gets baby food at lunch and cereal at breakfast and supper. However, we have started letting him try whatever we are eating even though he has already ate.


Jonah's personality is getting so BIG these days. He is really into giving everybody "love". We say "give them love" and he will tilt his head towards you until you touch foreheads and then he gives a little grin. He has just this week started to pick up how to give a kiss. We have been working on it with his little elephant doll. He is pretty bashful and won't go to anyone whenever we go to places where there are a lot of strangers to him. It takes him a good 15 minutes to warm up to people he does not know but he eventually does and then he will go to them. I feel like he has a pretty large array of people that he is immediately comfortable with though. He will go directly to Nana, Papaw, Bobo, Granny, his Sunday school teacher Mrs. Jenny and his Uncle Jeff! I feel like that is a lot of people for his age!! He is also big into pointing his finger right at something that he wants. Of course he doesn't always get his way and he will fuss a little when that happens but we just don't acknowledge it so he hopefully won't continue to do it.


Jonah is so good at playing by himself for extended periods of time. He loves to get a basket of stuff (doesn't even have to be toys) and take everything out and then put it all back in one by one. He loves his walker still and swinging outside. He loves all books and loves to turn the pages and touch the pages. He has figured out how to go from sitting to his belly and then he will push himself back up to sitting. He is so strong! But he hasn't quite figured out how to get his knees up under him and push up with his arms. I think he will figure that out soon too though.

Here are some pics from this month.

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