Friday, June 3, 2011

Jonah is 10 months old!

I cannot believe we are in the double-digits already!! Jonah is growing so fast and learning new things everyday! It is amazing to watch him and he is a pure joy right now! We finally has our 9-10 month well-check at the doctors last Friday and he is a very healthy boy and getting big!

Weight: 20 lbs. 2 oz. (28%)
Height: 28 1/2 inches (37%)
Head Circ: 45 cm (27%)

Everything looked good and he thankfully didn't need shots but he had to have his toe pricked to test for anemia. He is not anemic and passed perfectly! So now we are cleared to start giving him whole milk. I cannot believe it's already time for him to start weaning from the bottle! Part of me is ready to be rid of the bottle but another part of me doesn't want him to not be a baby anymore. I guess I am just a typical mother these days.

Here is what Jonah has been up to over the past month.


Our once-upon-a-time terrible sleeper is now a marvelous sleeper!! I knew in the back of my mind in those beginning months that we would eventually get to where we are now but at the time it seemed so far away. I am just thankful that our boy decided to sleep good before he is one year old. We had heard so many horror stories of babies that didn't sleep through the night until they were over one year! He still takes a morning and afternoon nap everyday. They usually range anywhere from 45 minutes (not good) to 2 hours (nice!). He doesn't nap as well on the weekends when he is home we have found. I am not sure exactly why because Mom and I put him down at the same times and ways. It must just be the differing environment. We are working on better weekend naps.


Jonah still takes a morning, afternoon (sippy cup) and evening bottle with foods at lunch and supper and cereal for breakfast and with supper. This is going to be changing though over the coming months as we transition to whole milk, table foods and weaning from the bottle. I am a little intimidated by the whole process because I just feel clueless but I know that he will tell us what he needs/wants just like he always has. We have been giving as much table food as we can (not junk though) to see what he thinks of it. He has had bites of chicken, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheerios, apples and bananas. So far he has loved any table food we have let him try. He is definately more interested in what Michael and I are eating even if he has already ate his meal! LOL!


Jonah is doing new things all the time in the personality dept. too! He still babbles "ma ma" and "da da" every now and then. He is really big into mimicing anything we do. If Michael grunts at him he will grunt right back. He laughs hysterically when you make a sneezing sound over and over again. I need to post a video we have of him doing that. He is pretty shy around strange people right now. He will smile at them from afar but if they come close or try to touch him he turns away and holds on to me tightly. He even sometimes doesn't go right to Mom in the mornings when I'm holding him. He will however go right to my Dad (Papaw) when he gets home from work in the evenings. He loves to dig in his pockets (his shirts always have pockets) and pull out his tic-tacs and pens. He is obsessed with ball caps and pockets. If you have both then he will go right to you. He is really enjoying his books these days too. Most nights and sometimes in the morning we will read a few books and he just sits back and turns the pages when it's time. He has a Peter Rabbit book that has flaps that open on each page and there is an animal that you can fold a tab over to cover them up so they can go to sleep. He loves that one and is ready to turn the flaps on each page. I hope he continues to enjoy books as he gets older.


He still loves to play and can entertain himself for several minutes at a time. He love his walker above all things and can get around very well in it. He gets over to the kitchen cabinets and likes to open them until they hit the walker and hear them bang shut. He loves to play in the floor with various toys and has figured out how to pull the blanket towards him to get toys (instead of crawling LOL). He likes to turn the light switches on and off and also knows how to pull the light cord for our ceiling fans. Everytime he sees a light switch he holds his hand out to go over to it. He loves to play in the tub too. He will splash with his hands when he is sitting up and when I lay him back to wash his bottom he splashes so hard with his feet and laughs! We hope he enjoys the pool as much as bath time. He also still loves his swing outside.

Here are some pics for the month.

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