Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Living room update

Well not much has been going on in the way of getting the living room done. So far the only major recent changes is that we bought the crown moulding and got it put up on the short ends of the room. Dad and Michael worked on it all morning Saturday and they could not get the corner pieces cut right. My Dad has been doing carpentry all his life so if he is having trouble then it must be hard. I hope they get it figured out soon without us having to buy a lot more moulding. :) What is up looks so good right now.

We also have been planning to have an older couch that we found and bought for $100 recovered by Michael's Mom. We have picked out the color we want for the couch and thankfully we are getting the fabric and her cost because that stuff is anywhere between $25 - $45 a yard....and we need about 18 yards!!! It is definately going to be an investment to recover it but the couch is a classic shape and we don't have much in it.

We also scored a great deal on two matching chairs for the room. We used to have an overstuff couch, loveseat and recliner that all matched. While we loved the comfort of the items we were both so over the fabric they were covered in because it all matched and Michael actually didn't want another recliner in the living room....which is strange for a man. LOL Anyways we had been looking on craiglist and other second-hand websites for months looking for what we wanted. The problem was we wanted to try to get 2 matching chairs and most everything out there was just one piece. We didn't really care what they looked like as long as they were cheap, recoverable and the same style. Well last Wednesday was our lucky day. I hopped on the website and stumbled on 2 matching chairs less than 1 year old and made by Pottery Barn for $250!! I emailed the girl immedately and got them! See the pictures below of what they look like. Pretty cute huh! We aren't even going to recover them for now. We actually like the yellow and think it will go with our already planned red couch color!! Yay!!!

More updates to come!

One of our new chairs! Please excuse the mess!

This is the future couch color called Cinnamon

Some of the moulding done and the tricky corners

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