Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Mother's Day!!

I had a wonderful first Mother's day this past Sunday. The day began with getting to sleep in a little. We heard Jonah stirring around 6:30 and Michael got up to go check on him. He was awake but after he picked him up he went back to sleep on Daddy's shoulder. He decided to sleep in too until 7:30. We all got up and got going. Michael has bought me a beautiful fern to hang under the carport and the sweetest card that made me cry. Jonah got me a little marigold plant that was bright yellow and a card that was so sweet! We got ready for Church and I had a Mother's day corsage to wear.

Church went great and Jonah fell asleep during the sermon. So I actually was able to listen to it back in the nursery area. It was a wonderful message about Godly women and their power in the world. I often think about the power that women do have on their husbands and children. So many times it is our actions that speak louder than our words. We have to be the model for our children of what kind of spirit they should have in their daily lives. I think about this a lot in the mornings. You have to set the tone early in the morning of how the day should be or it can take a bad turn quickly. This is definately something my own Mother taught me and exemplified every day when I was growing up.

Anyways, back to the day. Michael and I decided to just drive around and enjoy the pretty weather while Jonah got his nap out in the back seat. So then we headed over to my Mom's house for a late lunch with my grandmothers too. Dad and my uncle (Bobo) had cooked the meat and bought an ice cream blizzard cake for us all. The meal was deliciuos! Jonah was starting to get tired and really needed to take another nap but would not give it up. So we left Mom's right after we opened some presents. Mom made me the sweetest framed poem with Jonah's hand prints on it. I cried of course when I read it to every one. It meant so much to me and was such a thoughful gift. Michael even teared up too. :)

Here are pics from the day.

My Mom, my grandmother (Roro) and me

 Roro and Granny swinging in Mom's new swing with Jonah
 The framed hand prints and poem from Mom
Me (and Michael) having a little cry after reading it.

Here is what the poem said:

This is my hand and my hand will do a thousand loving things with you.
And you will remember when I am tall that once my hand was just this small.

Wahhh! I'm crying again!

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