Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jonah is 9 months old!

Well I am pretty late posting this but we have been a little busy around here. I can't believe that in 3 short months we will be celebrating Jonah's first birthday! The time literally does fly by! Here is what he has been up to over the past month.


Sleep is going great! He sleeping through the night now and we hardly hear a peep out of him most nights. He still goes down around 7:30 - 8:00. I usually give him a bottle and we read a story or too if he still seems like he is not quite ready to lay down. Then I turn out the light and rock him a little and he is out. He has even started to squirm when I'm rocking him and so I go ahead and lay him in the crib and that is what he wants. He is getting so big! He does roll around in his crib during the night and many times he sleeps on his tummy some. That is so crazy to me because we have always laid him on his back to sleep since he was born. He is also doing really good with naps during the day. He usually takes a morning and afternoon nap of at least an hour and usually 2 hours. We lay him in the crib awake with lots of pacifiers and he talks to himself and sometimes wimpers a little but then goes to sleep. We are so proud of how his sleep is going and the only thing I can say is that persistence and consistency must pay off!


Meals are going well too. Not much has changed in that area over the last month. He has a bottle first thing, then cereal in the morning. A veggie and fruit at lunch. Usually an afternoon snack of some kind and bottle. Supper is more cereal and a meat meal (half a jar still). We are trying to work on the sippy cup but it hasn't been going too well. He still wants someone to hold his bottle and sippy cup when he drinks and he doesn't really want to hold them himself. I figure he will catch on eventually so I'm just going to enjoy him letting me do the holding and cuddling while I can. We have had the go ahead to start table food but we have not ventured much into all that. I think it is mainly me that holds back on offering him more table food. I need to work on being creative and thinking of things for him to try. I have a terrible fear of him choking on something I give him!!!  He is starting to get very interested in what Michael and I are eating so I know I need to work on this soon!


Jonah still loves his walker at home and at Nana's house and zooms everywhere and steers it whereever he wants to get to. He loves playing with his toys on the floor too. He is figuring out new things all the time. We can't wait to get the pool open and see what he thinks of all that water. We are hoping he likes it or our pool might not get used much this year. We finally got him an outdoor swing under the carport and of course he loves it!!


He has so much personality these days!! Still a happy boy most of the time. He has started to listen really well when I read books to him and he loves to open the flaps in some of the books. He goes to Sunday school most Sunday mornings if we can get there and he does so well in class by himself. His teacher says he never even wimpers. He has started to "give us love" when we ask him too. I'll say "give Mommy love" and he will tilt his head to mine. I just love it!! I could eat him up. He really knows what's going on in his little world more and more. He gets excited when he knows it's bath time each night and loves to splash Mommy in the bath tub. He is starting to get better with going to other people even if I'm around and that makes me happy. I don't want him to be a sissy Mama's boy all the time. He has also started saying "ba ba ba" a lot too. Michael says he is trying to say "mama." I am not sure but I love hearing him try to talk. There is so much more little things he is starting to do but the list could go on and on.

There is still no indication of wanting to crawl at all. I feel like he will know when the time is right. For now he gets where he wants to go in the walker. Hopefully he will be interested in crawling in the next couple of months.

Here are our monthly pics.

Here is a look back at last month.

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