Sunday, May 1, 2011

Living Room Renovation....the beginning

Well as if we aren't busy enough these days we decided to start on remodeling our living room this spring. The living room is where we truly "live" in our house and spend so much time there. It is the largest room in the house and has a big picture window to the front yard. When we bought the house we knew eventually we would have to change it up. It had a textured wallpaper that covered up old wood paneling. We were just thankful that the wallpaper was a fairly nuetral color and did not have a funky pattern to it so we have been able to stand it for a while.

Anyways, so we started on removing the trim around the top, bottom, doors and window two weekends ago. We already had our wallboard guys lined up and ready to go so we got it stripped down as fast as we could. Of course by "we" I mean Michael! HA! I tended to Jonah and stayed out of the way. Thankfully our basement is partially finished and we have a little den down there where we took Jonah's toys and a TV. So we aren't too inconvenienced by it all and it's not freezing down there anymore.

As soon as Michael got it stripped the wallboard guys came and hung the wallboard in one evening. Over the course of about 4 afternoons (spending about 1 hours each time) they had it all finished and did an awesome job!! They were very reasonably priced too!

The only problem we had in all this was that when Michael removed the trim around the big window in the room he didn't know that the caulk that got removed with it was the only thing holding it in place. No nails, nothing else but that caulk. Well we had an extremely windy day and I went out the front door while I was home working and the wind got up and caused the window to fall back into the room and shatter!! It scared me to death and I had to call Michael to come home so we could get the hole covered up, call insurance, etc. There was a terrible storm heading in that night and we had to get it covered up as soon as possible. It was not a replacement we were planning on but thankfully insurance covered the replacement of the window. We are also thankful it didn't fall in during the middle of the night in the storm!! God always is watching over us!

Here are some pictures of the progress so far and the window damage.

I will post more pics once we have paint and carpet!

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