Monday, January 30, 2012

Jonah is 18 Months Old!

My little man is a year and a half old!! Time just flies when you're having fun!! Jonah turned 18 months on Jan. 21st (Mom's/Nana's birthday).

Jonah is picking up new skills everyday and learning so much it is really hard to keep up with it all. I just want to jot down some of the stuff he is into and doing right now for my memory.


Wow he is about to eat us out of house and home this past month. We started off January with him sick and hardly eating anything with the stomach bug. But he has more than made up for it since then. He hit a growth spurt and at one point was eating 2 regular oatmeal packets each morning and then still snacking before lunch. He is loving his fruit right now and eats bananas, peaches, pears, grapes and oranges and loves them! He is still not a big fan of eating his veggies so we are still doing a lot of 3rd stage baby foods to get those in him. He loves his animal cookies and fishes too and snacks on them throughout the day. He has had his first candy (suckers) this month and lapped them up. He drinks his milk really good and loves plain water too. I just hope and pray he continues to eat good as he gets older. He is also getting better with using his spoon but still has not mastered that yet.


We had some rough nights when he was sick earlier this month and when he hit his growth spurt but sleeping is getting back to normal with Jonah sleeping soundly through the night. He has transitioned himself to one nap a day (after lunch time) and he will usually go 2 -2 1/2 hours. He has pushed his bedtime back to going to sleep around 9 which we are not crazy about but we just can't seem to get him to settle down before then. He is still getting enough sleep each day so that is the main thing. He loves to sleep on his back with his arms behind his head or on his belly with his arms and knees tucked under him and his butt up in the air. LOL


Jonah still has a big personality at home or at Nana's house. He is going through a really shy stage when we go places and he doesn't want anyone else to talk to him or touch him that he doesn't know. Usually if we stay at one place long enough he will warm up eventually and go right to people. We hope he gets a little more friendly as he gets older because now he kind of fusses when someone wants to talk to him even if one of us is holding him. He will smile and acknowledge people from afar but if they come closer he gets scared. He is still a very happy boy most of the time (unless teething or not feeling well) and easily pleased or consoled. He is really seeming to notice other kids and wanting to interact more than ever before. I also want to note for my memory that at this age Jonah is still not very vocal. He doesn't know many words and he doesn't just babble or even scream or anything. If he wants our attention or wants something he just makes a little noise like "uuhh" and points at what he wants. It is really cute and he doesn't do it loudly. Another thing is that he is still saying "please" by putting his little hands together in a praying motion. I taught him that one night a while ago when he wanted some cheese out of the fridge. He was just fussing and pointing and I didn't want him to be a fusser when he wanted something so I showed him the first thing I could think of for please and it stuck! LOL! He does that motion all the time and even when we're not looking at him and sometimes he will get frustrated if he does it and we don't see him. LOL! He is such a good boy and we just love him to the moon and back!


Jonah is very good at playing by himself for extended periods of time. We have a few toys upstairs and a play area for him downstairs. He loves playing in his little kitchen and stirs things in bowls and plays pretend with giving us food to eat. It's amazing how much of an imagination he is already developing. He got lots of toys for Christmas and plays with all of them. He still really loves books the best though....which we love! A lot of times he will wander into his room and get really quiet. We always worry he is into something, but we go check on him and he is just sitting with a pile of books around himself looking through the pages. He also really loves playing with non-toy stuff still. He loves empty boxes and empty plastic bottles the best. He loves to tote them around and pretend he is drinking from the bottles. He also loves for Dada to chase him through the house and jump out and scare him. He is such a playful little guy!

New skills:

-feeding with a spoon better
-puts on his own hat a lot
-building with blocks
-screwing tops on and off pretty well
-standing up in crib some
-saying animal sounds for horse, chicken, sheep, cow, dog and cat
-can say "hot", "moon", Mama, Dada, Nana, Papaw, Bye Bye, "Hi"
-throwing things (but we discourage throwing toys)
-lots more but that's all I can think of now

We go for his 18 month well visit in a couple of weeks. I will post all his stats then!

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