Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Few Resolutions

So it's a new year....2012! I can't believe I'm typing that number....craziness! I am not a big fan of "declaring" new years resolutions but here I go...LOL! Here are some random things I want to focus on over the next year. Some silly, some vain and some insightful I think.

1. Hold my tongue. I feel like I do this pretty well on a daily basis with acquaintances but I want to work on doing it more with my loved ones and close friends. I want to try to think more before I speak to those that I care the most about and not take for granted that they love me "no matter what."

2. Read more and read books that give me something back. I want to read more devotionals, The Bible (of course) and more books that have wholesome story lines or teachable lessons. I know there is a ton of books out there that meet these standards so it should be fun. I am going to start with Beth Moore's "Breaking Free."

3. Work smarter. I have a full-time job and it's a busy and many times stressful one, even though I work from home. I want to be a better user of my time spent working and away from Jonah so I don't have to worry about work when he is at home.

4. Get rid of Mommy-guilt and Mommy-comparison. I just made those words up I think. Anyways I want to do better with not feeling guilty about the choices I (we) make for Jonah that we feel are right and not feel so guilty about various things related to being his Mommy. I know it is the devil just trying to wedge into my life. The same thing goes with comparing myself to other Moms and parents out there. I do this a lot and I know I do it and it bothers me. I am going to try to remind myself that everyone has something they are going through and I have no right to assume what their lives are like. I need to focus on me and my family more!

5. I want to definitely stay at the weight I am now (165) and try to lose more weight. I want to make better choices on what I eat and eat more fruits and veggies. I would say I want to work out more but honestly I have NO time to so I'm not going to even set myself up for defeat. Between working full-time and parenting a 1 1/2 year old the rest of the time, along with being a wife that cooks and cleans her own house, I just don't make it a priority. I truly feel that one day I will but in the mean time I am going to make better choices in what I put IN my body.

6. I want to get back into sewing. I just bought a brand new sewing machine (all my others have been older used ones in the past) and I'm ready to get started. We have good friends that are expecting a girl in the Spring so I will start with making some gifts for her. But I want to really grow my sewing knowledge and ability in the coming year.

7. I want to continue to grow my hair out and try my hardest not to chop it off come July 1st. Michael love my hair long and I do too except for the blow-drying. I want to stick with growing it back out and learn new things to do with it as it grows and just embrace the stick-straightness!

8. I want to try to get one digital scrapbook page (2 page layout) done for at least each month of this year so I can get a book made easily at the end of the year. This is a big one but I know I can do it if I just set my mind to it. I have everything I need to be able to accomplish it.

9. I want to keep the blog more updated on our daily lives and not just the big holidays and events after they pass by. This one will be hard I think.

10. Finally I want to make it a priority for my husband and I to go out alone at least once every 2 months. Even if it's just for a quick lunch together.

What are some of your resolutions?

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  1. You know Pinterest will help with the hair ideas! I have found at least 30 different things I do with mine pretty often...especially from The Small Things blog! And I'm with you on that...I want my hair longer than it has been in a long time...mainly for the sock bun! ;)


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