Friday, December 30, 2011

Red, White and Black Kitchen {Update}

Way back in July (before Jonah's b-day) I took some time off work to re-paint the kitchen cabinets. What a nightmare that was and what was I thinking?!! Well I did get it done in that week but man was I stressed, tired and humbled. It was no easy task and I hope I NEVER have to paint kitchen cabinets ever again in my life! I am mostly happy with the resuls but had a few hiccups along the way.

The kitchen cabinets had been painted over at least 2 other times before by previous owners and evidently they had used oil-based paint. So I could not just paint right over that finish like I had hoped. The paint just peeled right off even after it was dry. So after realizing that halfway into the process I had to sand ALL of the paint back off the surfaces, which was luckily just the bases of the cabinets and not any doors. Ugh! Then I primed and painted 2 coats of paint before the torture was over.

Here is the BEFORE shot of our off-white, beigy colored cabinets and gold and white brassy hardware that was put on at an angle by previous owners. We had already painted the room our red color at this time and got a new sink and laminant counters.

I don't know what happened to my before pics but just scroll down to see how it looks now. Sorry!


I know the differences looks subtle but I promise in reality it is a MAJOR improvement! 

We really like our new hardware too!! It's from Lowe's.

Here are few more shots of the rest of the kitchen area. It is an eat-in kitchen and we love the size but hate that it's blocked off from the rest of the house and we don't have a nice dining room. That is why we really wanted to update things in here because we spend so much time in this room.

Opposite side of kitchen and also the wall for our hallway so that's why it's a different color.
We have no counter space for a microwave so it has it's own little table. :)

Our Eat in area. One of my future projects is to paint this table and chairs white and recover the seats.

The light is off here but this is after painting and a shot of my new sink and fixtures.

So glad it is done! If anyone else is out there have you ever re-painted kitchen cabinets? Was your experience a good one?


  1. Wow! It looks so much better!

  2. I agree,it looks much better,love the colour and decorations!Well done!

  3. Yes, I hope I never have to do it again! I do love them though!

  4. I have a Jonah, too! Cool!! Love the kitchen!


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