Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Well things are looking mighty festive around the Cheatham house. We are super excited about Christmas this year with Jonah being so interactive and my brother is coming home for good!!!! Kyle (my brother) is getting out of the Navy and will be home the week before Christmas. We have missed him so much and I am ready for Jonah to really get to know his Uncle!

The tree is up and has been since Thanksgiving weekend. Jonah has done great with not even bothering or touching it. As soon as we had it up we told him "no touching" and he has obeyed so well. Last night after his bath he seemed interested in it so we sat down around it and he pointed to the ornaments on the bottom and I would tell him what they were. He would point to the same ones and just giggled when I said what they were. I imagine that tree looks so massive to his little self!

I am totally in the Christmas spirit this year and have actually enjoyed checking things off my holiday to-do list. We are anticipating checking more items off as well. So far here is what I've gotten done.

- Took Jonah to see Santa and got a picture....even though he was not happy about being in Santa's lap.

- Got all my shopping done (except Michael's stocking) and now just have to start wrapping.

- Decided what we are going to GIVE this year. Micahel and I always do something extra either for Church or a family/friend that needs help. This year we will be helping a family member with recent health concerns that has small children.

- Ordered our Christmas cards and now just have to send them out.

Still To-Do:

- Go see lights
- Make my traditional cookies (peanut butter and crackers covered in chocolate) for Michael
- Watch Little Women (my all time favorite movie to watch at Christmas)
- Send out Christmas cards
- Attend my office Christmas party (tonight)
- Attend the cookie exchange party (and ornament swap) with church ladies
- Wrap presents!!!!
- Cook, cook and cook some more!

Merry Christmas!!!


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