Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big Fat Christmas Post

Well Christmas 2011 was not what I "anticipated" at all but it was good nonetheless. Basically my whole family on my side got hit with the stomach flu on Christmas Day and some of us are still recovering from it. Jonah threw up his food right after eating it on Christmas Eve but I thought maybe he was beginning to cut some eye teeth. Well by mid-day on Christmas Day he was not feeling good but we still weren't sure what was going on. Then my Mom was so sick to her stomach on Christmas Day that she had to go to bed with a house full of family and us opening presents. Jonah was next with voming off and on all night and not eating or drinking much the next day (Monday). He is just today started eating some regular food! I had a quesy stomach all day Monday and now Michael has been home today with it. It has been no fun and to be honest I really don't feel like we even had a Christmas. Thankfully though Jonah felt good that morning to see his Santa stuff.

Here are some pictures that we managed to slip in of Christmas Day. I hate my Mom is not in any of them but we will just have to make up for it next year. And in all of that this was my brother Kyle's first Chrimstmas to be home againn from Japan. He even got sick with this mess too. Anyhow we will get back to normal evenutally but it's just hard to accept sometimes that Christmas doesn't always live up to it's hype. Thankfully Jonah still doesn't "get" what it's all about yet.

Here are some pics!

Jonah and Bryen, his little cousin. We did Christmas at Michael's parents the Saturday before.

Christmas Even in his jammies

Santa came to visit!!

He went to his tractor and dump truck immediately!

He loves his kitchen!

Trying out the new slide.

Checking out his train table.

Nana and Pawpaw got him his own work table.

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  1. Looks like he had fun before all the stomach bug stuff started!


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