Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Happenings

I cannot belive February is almost over! We have been enjoying warmer-than-average temperatures around here and it just makes me want spring to get here that much quicker! I haven't had much time to blog as work is really busy this time of year and we have been busy around the house. Here is a bunch of random things from this month.

1. Jonah is starting to try to talk more and attempt to say things we ask him to. He says "hot" a lot when he thinks something is hot or if he sees the oven. He says "bye-bye" really good and we've been working on "cheese", "please", "thank you", and "yes."

 Enjoying a sucker!

Playing with my camera and trying to catch moments! 

Love these 2 men!

2. I have 3 wedding showers and 1 baby shower coming up this Spring. For our little Church that is a lot! I love it even though it means some extra spending. Another girl and I are decorating for the baby shower and I am so excited for them. More details to come on that. Here is one of my wedding shower gifts I prepared for the shower this weekend. It is a utility bag from 31 Purses and some Wal-Mart towels along with a kitchen towel that I added some fabric to. I hope they love it!

3. We have started on the basement laundry room!! I am so excited about this because I am weird and actually like doing laundry. Now I will have a designated space and we are still waiting for our new washer and dryer to come in. Michael is building some wood stands for the bases of the washer and dryer and we have framed up a wall to divide the room from the rest of the unfinished basement. It still looks rough right now but I hope it will look much better after we get the new appliances, rug, something on the ceiling and a curtain to cover plumbing. Also some added furniture and folding space will come later too.

I took before pics but I can't find them right now. I will post later!

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  1. Great idea for the shower gift. I love the towel you made!


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