Saturday, February 25, 2012

Girl Baby Shower Plans

Happy Saturday! We are enjoying this sunny-yet-cold day at home. I just wanted to quickly jot down some of the plans that are brewing for my good friend's baby shower coming up. It is going to be a girl and the planned name is Anna cute!!

The other girl helping plan make all the centerpieces so I am working on the invites. The centerpieces, by the way, are going to be cream and white hydrangeas in a square, white, frosted glass. We are going to tie ribbons around them for added color. The colors we are doing are black and white damask fabric with hot pink accents!! So girly!

Here is the invite that I  made in PS Elements.

I also felt spry yesterday and made this fabric garland out of several left over pieces of fabric I had. I think it turned out cute and we will probably use it on the bulletin board for the shower. I think next time I made one I will cut the strip about 18 inches instead of the 12 inches I did for this one.

I will be sure and take some pictures at the shower of all the other decorations too!


  1. I love the garland and the invite is great! Can you make blog headers and backgrounds with that program?

  2. I am sure you can but I do not know the specific dimensions or pixels you would use for a blog. I make my header in the free Google program called Picasa. I use the collage feature in that program. But I use Photoshop Elements to do scrapbooking stuff.


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