Thursday, March 1, 2012

Buds, Bloomers & A Before

We have been having crazy weather here in Tennessee this week....which is pretty normal. We've had very nice warm temps but also some scary storms pass through. Thankfully they were not too bad near our house.

Well I have a few stories and pics to share from this week. First, the buttercups are blooming around these parts already. Nana's buttercups are all blooming right now. Earlier in the week Jonah and Nana picked some. My Dad (Papaw) got some great shots of that....see below. Michael picked Jonah up that afternoon and when they got home Jonah came running to me holding out my buttercup! It just melted my heart to get my first flower from my little man. Buttercups have always been one of my favorite flowers too.

Then yesterday Michael and I caught Jonah doing this while we were eating supper.....LOL

We could not help but laugh at his choice of reading material! We will have to start being a lot more careful of what we leave laying around because Jonah loves books and he just thought this was a nice colorful book for him to read! I would be lying if I said Dada was not a little proud though.

Also we are in the midst of sprucing up the basement laundry area. Actually Michael has done almost all of the work and I've just done a lot of the painting. Here is a before shot of that area even though Michael has already built the divider wall and I've painted the block wall. All the other areas are going to be covered with some type of fabric. Sorry it's a little scary right now! But the good news is out new washer & dryer we bought (for a steal) back around Thanksgiving finally came in!!

Hopefully it will be done by the end of this month!!

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