Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Favorite Things 2014

I am linking up to several blogs that are hosting Favorite Things posts. This is the first time that I've ever joined in on any of these link-ups so HELLO THERE if you are new to my blog!! :)

Some of these items are things I already have and love such as the iPod Nano, planner, creamers and Thermos cup and others are things I would love to have or have another one of. I hope you enjoy and get some ideas for those Christmas lists.

1. The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket - This is probably what the hubby and I are getting each other this year. We both need a good jacket for the winter that will last and that is casual.

2. Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Medium Telephoto Lens - I would love to get this lens in my stocking. A girl can dream....and start saving. LOL

3. Scentsy Pumpkin Roll - I love my big and small Scentsy burners and have this scent. It smells just like you are cooking a pumpkin pie!! Love it!

4. iPod Nano - I got one of these from the hubby a couple of Christmas' ago and still love it and I still have a ton of room for more songs. I guess I need more iTunes gift cards...wink, wink. :)

5. Idina Menzel's Christmas Album - I just found this and started listening this past week and love, love, love it! She has an amazing voice that, dare I say, rivals that of Celine Dion.

6. Thermos 16-Ounce Vacuum-Insulated Travel Tumbler - My Mom gave me this for Christmas last year and I have literally used it everyday since then for my morning coffee. If you enjoy sipping on your coffee all morning long or are like me, and are running after kiddos all morning and having to take gulps here and there, then you will love this. It keeps your coffee the temperature that you pour it in for 8 hours!!!

7. Ellie Holcomb-As Sure As The Sun - This album is so amazing! I love her voice and love the depth and message of her songs. It's like listening to your favorite Bible scriptures set to music. She is so very talented. I enjoy following her on FB and IG too.

8. The Pampered Chef Rectangular Baker - I have had my baker for probably close to 5 years now and it's about time to get a new one. They bake so evenly and thoroughly and they just get more and more seasoned with each use. Kind of like with a cast iron skillet. 

9. Sugar Paper Planner- I bought my first Sugar Paper on a whim last year at Target and I've loved it. I intend to get another one in a few weeks. They are big and have lots of room to write in. They are pretty too!

10. Little Women movie - This is my very favorite movie and my favorite movie to watch at Christmas. I love the story of course but I love, love the costumes and set design and the actresses. Just such a timeless story of the different kinds of love.

11. International Delight Caramel Macchiato creamer - I hate to leave the list on an odd number but I could not leave out my long-time lover, LOL!! I may or may not buy this creamer in bulk. :)

All of these things are fun and make life fun but let us now forget the true reason for this very special time of year. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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  1. Umm I need that thermos! I only like my coffee super hot and don't like the way it tastes heated up in the microwave, so this would be prefect!

  2. I noticed the Sugar Paper line at Target too. Definitely on my list for 2015. (visiting from 320 Sycamore)

  3. Lots of fun items! You've given me some ideas for Christmas. I love these link ups!

  4. Cute stuff! Seems like that planner is really popular :)

  5. Hi April!
    This is my first time visiting your blog! I hopped over here after reading your reply on 320 Sycamore! I heart Pampered Chef too...especially my deep dish baker! P.S. This is my first year participating too!
    Great post!
    House of Highlands

  6. Hello April! Thanks for joining us. I didn't even know Adele Dazeem had a Christmas album!! :) I love the duet with Michael Buble.

  7. Hello April! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying looking through your posts!



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