Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Halloween

The kids and us had a fun week of Halloween last week. Wednesday we had Trunk-or-Treat at our church and Jonah got a bag full from there. He really didn't need any more candy but he did get a little more at school on Thursday and then Friday night we hit up a couple of houses. When you live out in the country it's hard to do door-to-door without burning up a whole tank of gas just driving from house to house. We wanted to take him at least a little bit because he had never done house-to-house before. My sister and her husband were in town this week from WV (she is a resident right now) so it was great to see them and my parents had a dinner before they left. So we ended up over there and ate WAY too much food!

Here are some pictures from Trunk-or-treat and our Halloween in general.

Mickey & Minnie were ready to roll!

Haley is happy to ride along in the stroller.

Time for the hotdog dance!!

Jonah and a cute little Dorothy pose beside our trunk.

This year's trunk was brought to you by the DG and what I had at the house. LOL

We found Dorothy's little scarecrow!

It's Doc McStuffins!

The whole gang (minus a couple).

Haley had an adorable Minnie hat that ended up being too small and of course she wouldn't keep it on anyways. Sigh!

Love my spooks so much!

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