Sunday, May 17, 2015

Recap of April

Well I've slacked on blogging but not on my scrapping. Here is a quick snapshot of how our April went for the most part. Here are few more details that I didn't scrap about.

1. My birthday fell on Easter this year and that was really fun! We got the holiday dinner and the birthday done in one fell swoop and without the additional calories. LOL I got some money for my birthday and spent it mostly on clothes and shoes.

2. Haley has been behind in her talking so our pediatrician recommended she be evaluated by the Tennessee Early Intervention System. Over the course of a few meetings it was determined that she does qualify for some free assistance for speech so we got that started this month too. We've had 3 visits so far and her language is already improving! :)

3. Jonah went to school this whole month and really has learned a ton! His social skills are what I am most happy about though. That was the main reason we decided to do PreK, was to get him around more kids his age. I am so happy that we invested in him this way. He is so ready for school now!

4. My brother and sister-in-law found out they are having a GIRL!! We are so excited for them. They had a small reveal party at her parent's home and they chose to light a smoke-bomb (not as scary as that sounds) and it would either be blue or pink, and it was bright pink!!! I am already looking forward to buying some stuff for Adaline and helping Mandy in any way I can to get ready for her arrival in late summer.

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  1. Great news about the free assistance and Haley's speech already improving!


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