Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tee-Ball & Life Lately

Long time no bloggy! Life keeps us busy around here and with Jonah playing a short little Tee-Ball season, it even more busy. Plus this is the last week of his preschool and we've just been busy with normal stuff. I have a lot to catch-up on in blogging and scrapbooking.

We signed Jonah up for his first year to play Tee-Ball. They can start at age 4 and go to age 6. He got on a great little team with a great set of coaches/Dads that are really teaching the kids the basics of the game. There are a few other new players on his team and some older ones too that he can learn from. Thankfully our league is pretty easy-going at this level. They don't have outs and everyone gets 2 turns to bat and play the field. They use the tee after about 4 or 5 pitches. Jonah says he loves it and he even got to tag someone "out" last game (the coaches helped him a bit).

At some point, I'm sure there will be a team picture taken professionally but I decided to lug out my big camera and get some pictures of Jonah one pretty Saturday while Haley was napping. I may or may not have bribed him with a special treat (fruit snacks) to get these shots. Hey! It worked!

We love our little ball player and love that he learning new skills and making new friends!

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