Sunday, March 20, 2016

January Catch-Up

I just scrapped my January project life layouts and thought it would be easier to just share those here. We didn't do a whole lot in January, which was welcome because December was cray-cray. We did buy the supplies and start on our bathroom redo. We did a ship-lap type treatment on the walls and redid the flooring and trim. We put in a new vanity, mirror and lights as well. It was just a quick update since we will be listing our house on the market very soon and that room was one we never got around to updating.

Also, Jonah had an awards program at school one night. We knew he had already gotten into the ABC and Mighty Math club but he also ended up getting a library good behavior award. We were very proud of him!!

We got a couple of good snows during January and so a lot of time was spent at home waiting for clear roads while trying to get work done too. Yay!

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