Saturday, March 12, 2016

Let's Catch Up!

I am going to try to keep this minimal and still do a quick catch-up of life since I stopped blogging back in August of 2015. So here goes!

First of all, in July, Jonah turned 5 and then Haley turned 2 on August 5th! We had a joint party this year and did a circus/carnival theme. We had it at our church's fellowship hall and set up small carnival games for them to play, we had popcorn and cupcakes. It was a lot easier just planning one party but I think this year we'll do two smaller, family parties since they are into totally different stuff.

Right after their birthdays it was time to send Jonah off to Kindergarten. Wah!!! He has done great with school and loves it. He is reading a lot of words as I type this. I just can't believe that we are rounding the corner of being done with Kindergarten already! It's going by too fast. One of my closest friends is his teacher this year, so that definitely has made it easier on us all.

In September our family welcomed the newest member, Adeline Rice! My brother, Kyle and sister-in-law, Mandy had their first child and she is the sweetest and happiest baby ever. She is just adorable and we are all loving having her around. Jonah gets so excited when he knows we will see her. Haley is warming up to her too. We just lover her to pieces!

Halloween was really fun and different this year. This year we decided to camp at Piney and do trick-or-treating there on Halloween weekend. It was a little rainy but still very fun. Jonah dressed up as Marshall from Paw Patrol. Haley ended up NEEDING to take a nap at trick-or-treat time so I never got a good picture of her in her kitty cat costume. She really did not get Halloween at all this year. I think she will be good to go next year though.

November was a fun month but I don't have hardly any pictures from it! Womp-womp! Oh well I know we did stuff but I didn't even post much to IG that month. December made up for it though! Jonah loved seeing Santa, Haley wasn't having any of it. We did all the typical holiday stuff. Santa brought Haley a play kitchen and Jonah a super highway train set and a Miles from Tomorrowland Stelosphere. They got WAY too much usual!!

I'll update about January through February soon!

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