Thursday, September 29, 2011

Burlap Fall Wreath

I made this wreath for my front door this year. I tried using the gray foam insulation that goes around pipes for my wreath form. I saw this idea from Pinterest a while ago and bought the pipe insulation the last time I was at the hardware store. Well I will go ahead and tell you not to do that unless you are going to be using some type of wire in conjunction with the foam because it will not hold it's shape. Lesson learned!

Anywho, this is my wreath before it turned into a tear-drop shape. I just wrapped and pinned thick strips of canvas around the wreath form. Then I took some fall foliage that I already had and hot-glued it to the bottom part. It was actually already arranged into a piece of floral foam where I had once used it in a window box a long time ago and never took it apart. I then decided it needed something at the top so I fashioned a burlap bow and added a sunflower up there.

I hope you enjoy or at least learn the lesson to just spend the extra $1 and get an actual wreath form! LOL!

I am linking up to Rhoda's Fall Link party here.

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