Friday, June 8, 2012

Crazy Summer....Here We Come!

Well this summer is shaping up to be our busiest ever. I cannot ever remember a time when we had so much planned and going on and a long list of to-dos. I am not complaining at all, it's just unusual for us to be so busy. So I wanted to jot down the many things and events coming up.

1. Vacation to Gulf Shores, AL - we leave a week from today!!! Yay! So excited to get away for a few days and just have some fun. The down-side is packing for us and a busy toddler and prepping for the trip. I have been pinning several ideas for the long car-trip down. I just want to be as prepared as we can for any bumps along the way. We plan to leave Friday evening and drive until about 10 and then get a hotel room. Then get up and make the rest of the trip on Saturday.

I need this!!

2. Our 8 year anniversary is June week! We are planning to celebrate formally while we are in Gulf Shores. We don't do gifts for anniversaries and especially not this year with the vacation. We will probably just go out to eat that night and take Jonah with us. Hard to believe it's been 8 years that we've been married and over 10 years since we met. I will do another post on that day.

One of my favorite marriage quotes, Via Pinterest

3. In July we have the holiday, then I'm hosting a lingerie shower for my future sister-in-law, Mandy. Then we have VBS starting that weekend. I am sure I will be helping teach the nursery class for that too.

4. Then on July 21st it's time to celebrate Jonah turning 2!!! I still have nothing bought for this. Ugh! I'm starting to stress about that!! This birthday party may or may not come together.

Love this cake idea.

5. The following Sunday (the 22nd) is our big wedding shower for Kyle and Mandy at our church. I've got lots of gifts to buy in the next months. The budget is screaming.

6. Then we will all go into wedding mode to get to the finish line of August 11th when my little brother will marry one of my bestest friends!! I am so excited and I am a bridesmaid as well. The jury is still out on whether Jonah will be in the wedding party. Oh and also they want Michael to perform their wedding ceremony! He's never done it and he's not ordained.....minor details. LOL

Whew! I'm tired already just thinking about all this but i makes me feel better to get it in writing. There are some other exciting details thrown in the mix of all this but they cannot be revealed at this time. :)

Do you have a busy summer too?

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