Friday, June 29, 2012

Our 1st Family Vacation {Gulf Shores, AL}

On Friday, June 16th we embarked on our first vacation and road trip since having Jonah. The van was loaded down with a weeks worth of clothes and survival gear (for Jonah) and my sister rode with us (thank goodness). We drove to Birmingham the first night and got a hotel. We made the rest of the 10 hour drive on Saturday to get to the Gulf coast. It had been 8 years (our honeymoon) since I had seen the ocean and it was a beautiful sight!

There was actually a big group of us all staying in a condo together. It was our family of 3 and my parents, my sister, my Granny and my Uncle Bobo. We actually had plenty of space and the condo was really nice, except for the mattresses. We were across the highway and a short drive to the beach but it worked out well.  The place we stayed was a collection of small duplexes that all shared a great pool. We got a lot of use out of it when Jonah didn't care for the beach.

We had a lot of relaxing time (as much as you can with a toddler) and some fun too. We were there for 7 days so we really got settled in and felt like locals.

We went to some great seafood restaurants too: The Original Oyster House, Mikee's, Ribs and Reds, and Tacky Jacks. I love eating out for seafood because I rarely if ever cook it at home.

I will fill you in on the rest through the pictures.

This is the main room of our condo. 


Our bedroom

Eating at Tacky Jacks at the marina

Our cool dude at the pool! He loved running in and out.

First visit to the beach. It was so windy we did not stay long.

We visited the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and it was awesome!
The zoo was small but it had a ton of neat animals and bunch
that you could see up close and pet.

Bengal Tigers

Between Dad, Bobo and I, there were lots of cameras and Jonah wanted to take pictures LOL

 Our best of the beach family pics.

 Jonah was not a fan of the beach at all except for this one evening that we all went to take pics. He loved it and
ran in and out of the water and didn't care if the sand got on him. The next morning we tried it again and he was back to hating it.

 Jonah and Dada having a big time!!

 Look at Jonah's funny face!

 Here I go again!

 Sweet boy!!

 It's a big world out there....

 that was fun Mama!

We had a great trip overall and made a lot of fun memories that will last a lifetime. :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation! So fun to stay as a big group!!
    You beach picture were great! Love the navy and white striped!! What a great looking trio y'all are!! Your little man is so adorable!

  2. Thank you Melanie! What a sweet comment!

  3. I’m glad Jonah came to love playing along the shore! You guys have a wonderful family picture in the beach with your matching tees. It’s so adorable! Aside from the beautiful white sand and the raging waves of the ocean, I’m sure Jonah enjoyed your little tour in Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo too. I think it’s great that he was allowed to play with the animals!


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