Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Happenings

Whew it has been a busy week so far and going to be a busy weekend as well. We are finally getting a little relief from the heat and drought. It has rained a lot this week. My grass says "thank you."

We had VBS this past Sunday through last night. We went every night and I stayed in Jonah's class (the nursery). We had 1 3 years old, 1 2 years old and 2 almost 2 year olds. It was crazy even with that few kids but it was so fun too! Our VBS theme was Searching for Gems in Proverbs. Most of the material was over their heads but they enjoyed doing the crafts and singing songs. I forgot to take my camera every night but I did get a couple of pics of Jonah in his "wisdom" priate hat and his horn (from the Battle of Jericho story).

Here are some pictures I took this week of Jonah trying corn-on-the-cob for the first time. He did pretty good! He also had his first taste of a Subway sandwich this week (Dada's) and loved it. I think it's finally time we can try out a McDonald burger. He still has 2 more bottom teeth to cut but he does really good with chewing stuff now.

In other news, my hubby, his brother and his Dad have been hard at work on weeknights and weekends this month trying to get his new (old) boat in shape for the water. Michael bought this old Glastron (spelling?) boat a while back with plans to eventually paint it back to it's original color scheme and redo the interior. He already had a motor and trailer so he just needed to put the time and money into the body of the boat. Well we finally decided to go for it this summer! I am excited about seeing it all done (it already looks better inside than in these pictures) but at the same time it's hard to committ to putting money into something just for fun. But as he reminds me, I have the pool so this is his thing. Although, we plan for this boat to be our family boat that we just go out on and have fun and tube or swim out of it.

This is after the paint was done by his brother. A major transformation from before! (sorry no before pics)

Just needs a little washing from all the taping and scuffing.

P.S. for background information...and since I didn't really know this until my hubby told me....this boat is like one of the ones on the old James Bond movies. It doesn't have very much room in the cab but it is really pretty in the water.

Some upcoming and exciting events are Jonah's birthday party next week and a bridal shower for my brother and Mandy! July is shaping up to be our busiest month so far this year!

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