Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost 2! {B-day gift from Mama & Dada}

Jonah will be 2 on Saturday, July 21st!!! That is just crazy to me that he is getting so big! I will do a post on what all he is into at this age but I just wanted to share his early birthday present from us.

We got him this really cool climbing fort with a slide. It has a sterring wheel and little table and bridge. It is not brand new but a very nice find. Lets just say they are $600 new and we did not spend half that. We have been needing something for him to play with outside that was not under the carport or in the front yard. Our house sits close to the road, even though it is a very quiet street, and we have wanted something to put in our backyard for him.

This fits the bill perfectly. So far he loves it!

He loves the steering wheel!

Took off down the slide without any hesitation.

My silly boy! Gosh he has stolen my heart!

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