Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jonah is 2!!

My precious baby boy is not a baby any more at all. He is a big 2 year old now! He is growing and learning so many new things every day. I can hardly keep up with it all! I just want to record the little intricacies of his little personality right now.

Jonah's Likes:

-anything with wheels that he can roll along the floor. He usually will lay down on the floor beside whatever he is rolling. It is too cute! Like he has to be right at the same level.

-enjoys watching Thomas the Train videos and Clifford in the car. He will watch Sprout channels some during the day and he likes Caillou too. His favorite movie is Cars (the first one) and will stay attentive to most of the movie.

-likes to help us when we ask him to. He loves to help put away laundry and pick up things for us. He likes to help push the grocery cart and push the laundry baskets for us. He thinks he is so strong.

-Dada so much right now and wants to be doing whatever Dada is doing. He is definitely all boy. We joke and say Michael (Dada) is a celebrity in this house because Jonah can hear the back door barely crack and he goes running yelling "Dada Dada Dada" all the way down the hallway.

-loves his fruits of any kind. We haven not found one he doesn't like. He would choose fruit over chocolate cake I do believe. He does not seem to have a big sweet tooth, at lest he doesn't not request sweets but will partake if we offer them.

-likes chicken, ham and turkey but is not a fan of burger meat right now.

-likes most of the veggies we give him but we have to sometimes bribe him to take that first bite. Usually once he tastes it he will gobble it up. He is not a big fan of macaroni and cheese, which seems strange because most kids like that.
-loves water and milk still and we don't give a lot of juice at all. I do sweeten his water sometimes with those flavor packs. He likes those too.

-loves sleeping in his crib and we have not even considered converting it to a toddler bed yet because he was not tried to get out so far. We will see what this next year brings us.

-playing with his red cozy coupe car on the carport.

-loves going to Church and his little nursery classmates. He does pretty well most of the time when we sit in the auditorium.

-loves to hear the singing at Church and I know he is singing in his heart. He wants to see the song leader when they start too.

-still loves his books (which we love) and usually when we think he is being too quiet and go check on him, he has a big pile of books spread all around him and he's just looking at the pictures.

-loves his Mommy, especially when he get a boo boo. He comes straight to me for kisses on his boo boo. Thankfully we have not needed a band aid for any yet. (knock on wood)

Obviously he likes a lot of things LOL


-when he cannot get a toy to work like he wants it too he gets really frustrated and will huff and puff about it. I wonder where he gets his perfectionism from.....hmmmm

-when he can't go outside because it is too hot. He loves to be outside.

-starting to express his own opinion and wants and since he cannot talk well yet, we have our little outburst and tantrums. So far no rolling on the floor screaming and usually a simple quiet time out will do the trick and talking about whatever the problem is. Also distraction helps.

-starting to dislike having to take a bath. I think it is usually because he has to stop doing whatever fun thing he is into at the time. Once he is in the tub he has fun.

-dislikes going to bed some nights too for obvious reasons. He puts himself to sleep for the most part but he jabbers more than we would like.

He does not have many dislikes right now...which is a good thing.

Other milestones and notes:


I mentioned a lot of his food likes above but just wanted to note that he now primarily eats with an adult size fork and does really well. Using a spoon is still a struggle but just because we don't use it that much. He chews so good now and that makes me less worried about the types of food he can eat. He is a total neat-nick when it comes to meal time. If he gets one little spec on his hand or his mouth where he can feel it he will fuss and want us to wipe it off. I like this about him and I'm pretty sure it's my fault he is like that but oh well. He loves any kind of potato too....just like his Mommy. We both feel like he has pretty good manners compared to most other toddlers. He chews with his mouth closed on his own and he does not sling food or make a mess on purpose. He just eats and gets the job done and then he is off to play. I hope it continues to go as well in the coming years.


Like I said above he loves anything with wheels and is big into trains right now. He loves to build with blocks and do peg puzzles. He is really good with playing with one toy for a long time and then getting out another one. We make him put his living room toys up every night and he does it very well without complaining. He still loves playing with his kitchen set too and will bring us food to eat. I feel like his attention span with toys is pretty good. He does not like to share his toys or anything he is playing with. I know that is something that will come in time. He really hates it when other kids take the toys he is playing with and he will just go into tears but he doesn't try to hold onto it when they swipe. LOL. He will learn to hang on tighter.


Right now Jonah's personality is trending toward being similar to mine. He is shy and cautious in new situations but eventually warms up. He is friendly from distance but if you get to close and he doesn't know you then he will kind of fuss like "don't touch me please." LOL He is meticulous about some things and loves a routine. If you do something one way with him he will want it done that same way next time and will remember and call you out if you try it differently. For example he knows which seat is mine and which is Michael's at the dinner table. If we switch spots for whatever reason he is like wait that is not your spot. Ha! He is gentle hearted and does not like to see other children upset and will just watch them until they calm down. He is like Michael in that he knows how to charm. He will flash that smile and look so cute when he wants too but when he doesn't get his out! LOL I think he has the perfect personality to be a big brother. :) Maybe soon!


Sleep is still going as well as it can be. He sleeps soundly unless he is hurting with teeth or not feeling well or has a stuffy nose. He still takes the paci at naptime and bed time but does not use it in between those times. I am not ready to force the issue yet and think he will give it up in time, but Michael wants to get rid of it all together. I say he can stay up with him if he wants to do that. LOL He usually naps one time in the afternoon right after lunch time. He sleeps usually 2 hours and can go 3 sometimes but we have tried to limit it to 2 hours so he will be ready to go to bed at 8:30. He goes down for "night-night" at anywhere from 8:30 to 9:00 but usually is not asleep until a little after 9. That is where it is hard right now because he puts himself to sleep for the most part (we go in and rub his back or tell him to settle down) but it seems to take him a good 20 minutes to get to sleep. I hope that is normal but he just doesn't seem to get sleepy enough until after 9:00.

Jonah is wearing a size 4 diaper and does not seem to be quite ready for the potty yet. We talk about it some but he still doesn't get it. He will tell us when he is wet or dirty but that is about it.

Jonah is wearing size 18 month clothes and they fit him big right now. He is about 27 pounds by our scale. He is wearing about a size 5.5 to 6 shoe. He gets his hair trimmed every 4 weeks and definitely needs it by then. His hair is just like mine for the most part....straight as a stick and very fine. He has recently cut his top fang teeth and is working on the two bottom ones right now. I will be so glad when they all come in because he does not handle teething well and gets all the negative symptoms that come with teething.

Jonah's vocabulary is getting better but I still wonder if he is behind a little in speech. I think he is just taking his time and making sure he can say words pretty good before he goes blurting them out. A few words he uses regularly are: more, please, yes (uh-huh), no (uh-uh), hi, bye-bye, night-night, boat, car (bar), fire tuck (bire), ice, blue, green, uh-oh, Neely (nee nee), Briley (bi), Mama, Dada, Nana, Pa-paw, Au (Audrey), Bobo, poop.

Well I cannot think of anything else and I know this as long as a book but I just gotta get it all written down so I don't forget anything.


  1. Don't forget up and down (mown)! :)

  2. Oh yes I knew I would forget something b/c he does so much new stuff now!


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